Wednesday, February 01, 2012

View From Up Here

Everything is going well pregnancy wise and I'm at 23 weeks. My sciatica has been non existent for 2 days now which I'm hoping is the new normal!! Yay for massage therapy:) I'm also excited that I get to go back to aquafit tonight as Gary's assistant coaches will finish practice for him tonight. I've missed it. My dad babysat last Thursday so I could go to prenatal yoga which has been good. I think he's babysitting again tomorrow night. Thanks, dad! I NEED my exercise or I feel terrible. I've gained a bunch of weight, maybe almost 15lbs total, which happened all of a sudden. I think it was related to catching up after my flu and also a little more limited activity due to the sciatica.

Here are some belly shots from today. We have actually booked a maternity session over spring break which I'm really looking forward to. Trying to take photos of our family by ourselves is so not worth it.

{I kind of like my belly button sticking out:)}
Life has been good but busy. We have activities almost every weekday morning for the kids and I have my social/exercise activities 4 nights a week.

I'm getting a bit nervous about finances this year. We are totally fine but with me unable to do more work (for my health and sanity), things will just be a little tighter. I know it will be fine but in our 7 years of marriage, this will the least amount of income that we will be bringing in.

I'm also a bit nervous about getting sick once baby comes. I know it's far off but I really, really hope that if/when I relapse with Graves' that it holds off until babe is just a bit older. Koen was almost 8 months which was `ideal' as he was able to have solids along with breastmilk and also, he was sleeping more at night than a newborn. According to studies, my likelihood of relapsing is high after just one month. Yikes. Thankfully Kai and Koen are old enough to take care of themselves in some ways and also, Gary will be home for the summer. Good timing:)

Okay, I promised a certain boy that I would play Skip-Bo with him. Have I told you how math minded Kai is? We don't ever really practice math but he can mentally do things I never taught him. Two days ago we were talking about 4 groups of 4 and he figured it out to be 16 in no time all. At his age I would've been counting my fingers or drawing pictures to figure it out.

Oh yes, Skip-Bo. Gotta go.
Love, Louise


  1. Glad you are feeling well right now and hope that continues. That Kai sure is a smart little guy!

  2. Ah, yes... the "what ifs" of chronic health issues, I know the feeling all too well.

    Take comfort that this time you will know the signs and symptoms, and know how to combat it so much faster than last time. Having some experience with the disease will give you a huge leg up if it decides to show itself again.

    :-) Your belly is cute! Hi baby!


  3. Great shots of your belly! Praying Graves doesn't come back AT ALL!