Sunday, February 05, 2012

Baby Shower and A Great Husband

Today, before the Superbowl, we had a baby shower for Isaac at our house. It went really well (I think) and all three babes in attendance slept almost the whole time.
Below, Jackie is getting a little emotional over the Ergo they were given. They have been utilizing `The Backbreaker' (a terrible carrier) and are excited for some relief:)

Below, Hannah and Isaac. Pretty much the same size and just snoozing away.

I have to say that my husband is pretty awesome. I warned him that I would be bossing him around a bit over the last few days as my hip/butt/sciatica started acting up again. Totally my fault as washing the van was not ideal for my sciatic nerve. But seriously, the van was so dirty. Anyway, back to Gary. So, Gary just went and did everything I asked and then some without complaining. He helped clean the house, shopped for food, prepared the food, took the kids out for 2 hours during the shower, and then came back to clean everything up. He's a pretty great guy, in case you were wondering.

Yay for babies and for great husbands.
Love, Louise

PS Today reminded me why we never have pop or junk food in our house. I indulged and feel disgusting! I have no control over chips or pop. Fortunately my kids don't like pop and they would rather have a bowl full of fruit and veggies:)


  1. Gary does sound like a great husband!

  2. Ergo = Awesomeness! And I`m glad you have a great husband!

  3. Major points to Gary!