Tuesday, February 21, 2012

98 Days

I will blog more soon (not that there is anything special to say!) but just want to write a quick message that I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET THIS BABY IN 98 DAYS OR LESS:) With the boys, I was excited but mostly nervous about the life change. With this pregnancy, I just feel like I've been waiting for so long. I long to hold my baby in my arms and it actually brings me to tears. Well, let's be honest, my hormones are CRAZY right now and almost anything brings me to tears. I forgot my wallet in the van the other day and had to leave the kids in the grocery check out line to run and get it and I cried. So funny. I don't even know why that made me cry.

I've been having braxton hicks every night now and it makes me even more excited. We're getting closer to the end and somehow I'm 26 weeks pregnant already:)

In sucky news, our van is in the shop. $$$. Lame.

Have a great night and I will blog soon. With pictures and substance. Hopefully.


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