Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Louise

For some reason flickr (where I post our pictures from) isn't working right now so I will just post one picture. Last night I got Gary to take some studio type photos of my belly. We are going to be having an outdoor maternity session as a family next month but I thought we should try to get a few studio-ish ones too. I am very excited for our family photos as they will be in Victoria and taken by Megan again:)
{26 week belly}
So, Gary and I are a great team but I have realized a couple of things. I don't take direction well from Gary when he is directing me in something I feel like I know:) Also, Gary doesn't ever do maternity sessions so it was interesting. Regardless, I am thankful that he is so patient with me and that we got a few.

I got to cuddle baby Kivani today. She is adorable and squishy and curls up so perfectly on your chest. There's a serious dose of happy medicine in that.

I'm not sure why I'm suddenly so much more aware of money we are spending. We are totally fine financially but I think the idea of having a baby and not being able to work as much worries me. Kai's tuition doubles and Koen starts preschool. So, we cut our cable in half and our internet speed as well. We save $50/month there and I haven't noticed a change at all in the internet speed. I also changed Koen's preschool from 3 days a week to 2 days. Although I will use his preschool time to work, I'm sure on the other days he can watch a little tv:) So, that reduced the cost by $45/month. I guess my concern also comes from the fact that this is the first time I will not be getting maternity leave when baby comes. It doesn't help that our van is in the shop (this is day 3) which I'm sure will cost a few bucks!

We are photographing our first wedding of the year on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. It has been a while and the couple is wonderful. I'm hoping the weather behaves! We have 5 weddings booked before baby comes and I'm hoping that the one at 37 weeks isn't too hard on my body:)

I know I've said this before but I have made a conscious effort to really slow life down. Old Louise would probably find New Louise lazy. Truthfully. My whole life was about go, go, go. Produce, produce, produce. I'm in a stage now where I have forced myself to slow down and it has been so good. The hard part is saying `no' to sessions that I would love to do. Realistically, 1-2 play dates per week is my mental maximum. I really want my life to have as little stress as possible. This is for the health of my family but also for my health. I love not having to rush here and there. Not having hours of editing hanging over my head. I have time to exercise every day. I have time to meal plan and make meals. I have time to just watch tv guilt free at night. I have time to read books. I have time for relaxing family days (where I'm not worried about all I have to do). I have time to watch my nieces or nephew if need be. I feel that there is no stress hanging over me. It feels good. And strange. But good.

Gary and I get another date night tomorrow night. That's two weeks in a row! Might as well get them in now:)

I have to say that the hardest thing about the boys at this age (3 and 5) is that if they are in the house together, and bored, they fight. A lot. Screaming, crying, chasing, the works. It is exhausting. If we get out of the house, they are totally fine. Or, if I'm involved in an activity with them, they're fine. If that's the hardest thing, then life is pretty good. It just wears on you with all the `Stop chasing your brother', `Leave your brother alone' etc.

And finally, Koen has had 4 swimming lessons so far and he is adorable. He is confident and loud and happy in the water. Now, he's no swimmer but still, I don't think he could be any cuter in that class. By the way, he has the best teacher ever. She is so encouraging and engaging. I wish she could teach him forever. Yay for good teachers:)

This was random but that's what has been going on. Midwife appt tomorrow, with both boys along, and then date night. Oh ya, and I get to babysit Hannah for a couple of hours!! You can bet that I'm going to be taking a picture or two of my niece:)

Have a great night.
Love, Louise


  1. What a beautiful baby belly!!! Glad to hear you and Gary are getting in some time for yourself :)

  2. I love the belly shot. Hey, in my past life I was a swimming instructor - we used to try to accommodate parent requests if you really liked a teacher.

  3. I think it is great that you are scheduling what you think you can handle well. You are not lazy, you are being realistic and very smart! Some people lead such hectic and stressful lives (and some seem to thrive on that lifestyle) but it is not how I like to live.

    Cute belly shot, by the way!

  4. Wow! School sure is expensive! Love the belly shot :)
    PS I super love that you added Crappy Pictures to your blog roll. SO FUNNY!

  5. way to go on getting a little more 'lazy.' :)
    love the belly shot too!

  6. Beautiful belly.

    Yay for the new Louise!