Monday, February 13, 2012

My Love

A day early but here is a random post about the most important guy in my life; Gary. I am so thankful for him. Seriously. We are a fantastic team in whatever we do and I look forward to many more years together and the adventures ahead. In this day and age when so many marriages do not work out, I am so thankful for our commitment to each other.

You know how people talk about `love goggles'? We never really had that. When I met Gary, I never thought he was good looking or funny or anything exciting. I don't mean that in a mean way, that's just how it was. He didn't try to act on his best behaviour with me, he just was himself. I found him irritating and annoying but at the same time, I totally respected that he was very comfortable with himself and wasn't trying to impress anyone. I knew from day one what I was getting into:)
{This is what he looked like when I first met him. He was this sarcastic guy that I didn't really understand.}
{This is Gary looking like Shaggy. He dresses like Shaggy every Halloween.}
Our dating story is not clear cut but once I did decide that yes, I did want to date him, I knew right away that he would be my husband. Gary wasn't so sure and broke up with me once or twice. It wasn't until I told him I was going to Africa that he decided that he did want to date me and marry me. Great timing, Gary:) So, we spent the 6 months before we got engaged, doing a very long distance relationship. It was actually really good.
{This was before going to Africa and I really though he would've proposed, but nope.}

I always thought we were so different but really, we're not. We have a very similar background in that we came from conservative Christian families with great childhoods. We both loved school and went into teaching. We both taught high school science. We both love the outdoors and eating. I don't know if you know how much we love good food but we would rather go to a good restaurant than a concert or movie or anything else. We never argue about disciplining the kids or money because we see it the same way. We have a photography business together. So really, we spend a LOT of time together:) We would rather spend an evening watching tv together than going to a party or something of that sort.
There are ways that we are different but it's good and I think some of it is just male/female differences. I'm hormonal and irritable. He feels the same way day in and out. I think about a million things all the time and Gary can think about nothing for hours. When I see that something needs to be done (for example:if the car needed an oil change), I would do it immediately. Gary? He'd wait and wait and wait. I've realized that the best way to handle this is to say, `Gary, can you please do __________ by Friday?' and that works best. I'm not being bossy, I'm just saving us both the stress of me getting frustrated and him being nagged.
Also, I love to talk through feelings, memories, hopes and dreams etc. Gary? Not so interested in it. He will take part in these discussions if I ask at a good time but otherwise, they are not his favourite conversations.
{The day after we got engaged up at Green Lake.}
Gary loves watching sports. A lot. They were a big part of his childhood and still are today. Sports were not seen as important growing up in my family and I think I missed out a bit because of it. Yes, we did go hiking and camping and all that outdoorsy stuff but team sports weren't really seen as important. Besides, who has time to drive 5 kids around to all their sporting events? That is something that I would like to encourage more in our family and I just love being active together.
Gary also loves the food network and browsing through cookbooks at night. Seriously. It's great, we eat well:)
{We were broken up in this picture but due to the fact that we worked together and were part of the `Outdoor Society' together, we still spent time together.}

I remember talking to Gary about how we were never really lovey dovey. He didn't even tell me that he loved me until he proposed. Yup, I waited a long time for those words. Gary told me he made the choice to love me and I was sort of offended. But you know what, I love it. He has decided to love me forever and I will also love him forever. He still annoys me every day (I'm easily annoyed), but I would rather be with him than anyone else. True, I wish he smiled more often, but when he does smile or laugh, it means a lot more I guess:)
{Again, we were still broken up before this hiking trip on the Cape Scott Trail but still went on it.}
{We celebrate our birthdays just 10 days apart}
{On the hardest hike I have ever been on: Stein Valley. Now that is a time to test your relationship. How will you do hiking through Grizzly territory without seeing another person for over 3 days? Oh, and how about the fact that it's the toughest hiking you've ever done and you have the biggest blister on your heel? }
{We like hanging out with the same people:)}
I don't mean to make it sound like we're just together because we decided to. There are a ton of things that I do love about this husband of mine:
-his calves, the little brown spot below his left eye, and his eyebrows (so random, I know). Oh yes, I also love that he is tall. I never dated anyone tall before and who knew how much I would love it? I feel so protected and safe:)
-that he is an amazing father. Seriously, what is more attractive than your husband reading books and wrestling with the kids? Well, maybe when he washes the kitchen floor too. That's pretty hot:)
-he let's me plan everything and goes along willingly
-that we can pray together
-that he is very giving (I can take anything I want off of his plate or I can order two two dishes I would like and then eat half of each.)
-he loves the outdoors
-he's a fantastic cook
-he's good with my family (his too, but you know, that's usually easier).
-he's wise with his purchases and not a big spender. He would be fine living in this house for 20 years (actually, I probably would be too:)
-he is confident in who he is and what he looks like. Although, he is willing to listen to constructive criticism:)
-together we promise to raise our kids in a way that honours God
-he doesn't care that he has to drive an ugly car (my first car!) to and from work:)
-he is patient (letting the kids help him with everything!)
-he is silly with the kids and loves nicknames
-he knows how to just let me vent
-he is 100% fine taking the kids anywhere on his own so that I get free time. I know that next fall, he will be able to handle 3 kids so I can play football again (hoping and praying I don't get sick!!).
-he is a hard worker. Teaching full time for 10 years and still going strong. I really, really admire a hard worker. He doesn't ever complain about going to work.
-he takes care of his health by drinking tons of water, eating properly and getting enough exercise.
-he doesn't complain. Isn't that weird? Who doesn't complain?!
-he knows me and loves me. He thinks I'm beautiful regardless of what I look like and tells me so. I really do love that. A lot.

Happy Valentine's Day, Gary. I love you. Can't wait to see you holding your daughter in just a few more months!
Love, Louise


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