Thursday, February 09, 2012

Life Around Here

Quick update:

1. My sciatica is bad. I almost cried two nights ago because I was feeling sorry for myself and I don't ever do that. I have massages booked for the next two weeks. I'm fine if I don't walk more than 5 minutes. Or wash the van. Or do a lot of bending. What does it feel like? It feels like someone is stabbing me in the butt and it just happens whenever it wants to. In the evening it is the worst so I spend a lot of the evenings on the couch. It is really important to me to exercise and normally I LOVE going for walks but that just isn't ideal these days. So, what works well? Deep water aerobics, prenatal yoga and the recumbent bike. I highly recommend them! After the baby is born I'll be normal again, right?!! By the way, if anyone has 2 for 1 Langley adult swim admission coupons they are not using, let me know! That way, my sister and I can each go for $2.50:)

2. Today Jackie and Isaac came by unexpectedly as they were without power. Nice to cuddle with a baby. I bounced on the exercise ball with him in the bjorn...felt good for my sciatic nerve. Koen has a pretty bad cough so he had to stay far away.

{Isaac loves auntie Louise! Brought back some great, and not so great, memories bringing out the bjorn again!}

3. Gary has his last basketball game tonight. Yay!!! The main reason I'm excited is because then my evenings are free to go out if need be. I'm also happy for Gary that he'll have some down time.

4. I had to pay for our business insurance today. I wonder how many photographers have business insurance. It cost over $600.00 for the year. That's a lot. But, when you have a business, your equipment is not covered by house insurance so we don't really have a choice. And also, there's that whole liability thing too.

5. Doing one session per week has been dreamy. I have time to relax, visit with a friend or two, still feel busy enough without getting stressed, keep everything under control at home etc. It's perfect!! So thankful for this job. Not sure how shooting weddings will be with my sciatica but we will see:)

6. Went to Winners today to buy a baby gift and I did check out the baby girl clothes. SO CUTE. I resisted. But, I can't tell you how long I will actually be able to do that for:) No matter what anyone says, girl clothes are 1 billion times cuter.

7. Made something cute for the baby room today! The paint is just drying so I'll have to show you once it's dry and up in the room. Now, to start on the owl mobile. I don't sew anything more than buttons on so this will be a bit of a stretch:)

8. I have an appointment with a Langley OB in 3 weeks to see what her thought on a VBA2C will be. I'm anticipating a big fat `NO' and therefore if she says anything different, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to it!

9. I was reading our 2011 photobook with the boys and I have to say that for me, the highlight of every year is when we go on vacation. Last year it was the Oregon Coast and Whistler and Tofino. This year will a lot less exciting but still, I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING BREAK!! We'll be spending time in Victoria and Parksville and Green Lake. I love family holiday time. One more month!!

All right, time to get dinner on the go.
Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise


  1. 1. mine was totally better once E was born.
    4. not me :( it's always in the back of my mind...i'm not a registered business either. both of those things i just can't afford, including better equipment. but i remember you telling me about the insurance and have always had it in my mind.
    6. yes, it is :)

  2. hey louise,

    I juuuuust started having issues with my sciatic nerve...and never realized how much pain it can cause! I feel like I've got one of those awful pregnancy leg cramps running down my butt. AWFUL! Sooo all the power to you the next few months. Be glad you have a pool nearby to do the water exercises..!!

  3. Oh sweet sweet sciatic. How I loathe thee. I have it too, already. I find it's not happy either way, if I want to do something I can handle walking around for 30 minutes maximum and then I'm couch bound for the rest of the night... and then there's times where I can be couch bound all day and it doesn't matter it's still agitated. There is no winning with it. However, it did resolve itself once Addison was born. But yes I totally understand.

    I would also be looking forward to spring break too!!

  4. Would you like to get together for coffee while you're in Victoria? Or I'll be in Langley the second week of spring break visiting Melissa. I'd love to meet face to face and see that fantastic belly in person.

  5. Sara, yes! I'll talk to Mel and make a plan to visit you when you are here. We're actually only in Victoria for one night before heading to Parksville and it's going to be pretty jam packed already:)

  6. YES! Wheezer and Sara meet in person. At my house. =) Sara is here 17th to 20th or 21st: which day works for you?
    OR we can come visit you at your house. That would be a lot of boys. =)

  7. Dude! Sciatica and BodyMed heating pad were made for each other!

  8. Isaac says: "I love visiting Auntie Weezer and Koen!" :).
    Me too, too.

  9. I had terrible sciatic pain with pregnancy the last time... but I had really wonderful success with a chiropractor for it... without even really 'cracking' my back, she did some stuff to me and it helped tremendously. Always enjoy the read and I'm really excited for you to welcome pink into your blue world!

  10. Kim, I remember you mentioning the heating pad before. I do have some heating pads (not the biomed ones) but they don't work as it's so deep in my butt (how's that for too much info?!).
    Laura, I did try a chiro but I think I tried the wrong one. He was super intense and stressed me out. My sister recommended someone in Fort Langley so I might check him out instead. When I tried massage last month it really helped so I think I just have to stick with it.

    I guess if this is my biggest problem, I shouldn't complain. But ya, big pain in the butt. Literally!