Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday Night Without Kids

Life around here has been good. Gary and I had a wedding on Saturday so we asked his parents if they could take the kids from Friday night until Saturday night. It was great. They are usually able to babysit during weddings, which is awesome, the only thing is that it's an extra 3 hours of driving in the day.

So, what did Gary and I do with our Friday night without the kids? This may sound boring but to us it was fun:) We walked to three different restaurants/stores and picked up sushi, sweet and sour pork and cupcakes. Then, we brought them back home and ate in front of the tv while watching a Criminal Minds episode that we had missed. We went for another walk after that. I LOVE being able to walk and talk without the kiddos. I have always wanted to try the cupcakes from a local cupcake shop and although they were good, they weren't great. I'm a cupcake snob:) Please note that I have actually been eating pretty healthy, that was sort of an, uh, special treat:)
I babysat Hannah for a couple hours on Friday and it was right during her nap time so I didn't get any photos in as she just wanted to nap in peace.
(I wanted to see how white on white looked, I decided I don't really like it.)
I'm 27 weeks! Got all my blood tests back and they are good. Slightly anemic but I'm not taking iron for it because I feel fine. Also, free T4's are out of range but not too much so hopefully thyroid behaves! I don't have Gestational Diabetes so that is good. Baby is transverse and I'm pretty sure she has been the whole time. She just lays horizontally on the bottom of my uterus. There are many inches up top that she is not utilizing so I look forward to her going head down at some point! I have my Langley OB appt on Thursday and if they say no to a VBA2C, I will go to the Better Birth Clinic at Women's and see what they say. Just trying to cover all of my bases. Braxton Hicks are way more frequent with this little one so my uterus is really working out in preparation:)
My dad has always wanted to be a pilot. My mom said he could go for it once the kids were all out of the house. So, he has been taking flying lessons and done a bunch of ground school work and I believe he will be able to fly solo sometime this spring. The kids are not allowed to go up with him even though they really want to (I won't let them!). Way to go, Dad.
There was a freak hail/snow storm yesterday.
Fortunately it wasn't raining/snowing/hailing on Saturday for the wedding we photographed. Unfortunately it was REALLY windy and cold so it made it a bit challenging.
{Hannah and Isaac smiling at about 6 weeks old. They both look like their daddies but you can tell they are cousins!}
This morning was the sisters playdate morning. I had gone to Value Village for the 50% off day first and got Kai a few things (mostly pants as he wears through the knees so quickly).

I should mention the boys current dream jobs:
Kai: be a professional hockey player (or ref) that also works at Subway.
Koen: be a big man that is a swim teacher who also works at McDonalds.

And now, laundry is done, bathrooms clean, dinner is in the slow cooker and I better get to work:) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. nice hair in your maternity photo, weezer! And I like the jeans. :) I can't really see similarities between Isaac and Hannah, but if you do, that's good! :)

  2. I love your white top!!! Super cute! And so cute to hear what the boys want to be when they grow up :)

  3. I'm glad to hear Noah isn't the only one wearing holes in the knees of his pants!

  4. That picture of both babies together reminded me so much of my life 4 years ago with my twins! Also, thinking of you at 27 weeks....since the twins were born at 26 weeks....I can tell you that your baby is probably just over 2 pounds inside of you right now and fully formed! :). Amazing, isn't it?

  5. Marsalie, I was trying to remember how many weeks the twins were when they were born. Wow. It is amazing. Hope you are well!! Louise