Monday, October 17, 2011


Do anyone else's kids eat huge amounts of food all day long? These boys have three huge meals a day (where they eat everything) and eat way more snacks than I do. I try to fill them up with muffins, grapes, apples, sandwiches etc between meals, but no matter what, they don't stop! I'm thankful that they are not picky and will seriously eat almost anything but I'm so tired of the `I'm hungry' all day long. Hmmm...reminds me of when they were babies. Non stop need for milk!

Do I just put a big snack kit together every day and leave it on the counter where they can grab what they want, whenever they want? Do I make them eat a bowl of oatmeal between meals to keep their tummies happy? Should we have set snack times so they don't ask and just know they have to wait until a certain time? It gets embarrassing because no matter where we are, they proclaim their hunger which makes me feel awkward when we are visiting someone. And seriously, if I hear `But I'm sooooo hungry!' one more time......

Thoughts? Is this what boys are like and I need to get used to it? Our poor future grocery bill:( We won't be able to afford to eat out with these piggies. You should see how much sushi they ate last night...


  1. It is great that your kids aren't picky eaters like so many children their ages are. As long as they are eating nutritious snacks and they are truly hungry and not just bored, then I think a mid morning snack, an after school or mid afternoon snack and a before bed snack are all good! Supposedly children need to eat frequently.

  2. Boy can I relate! My kids are constantly hungry as well. Our food bill is pretty insane and like you, I can't imagine when they are older. They have big meals and will be "starving" again an hour or two later. We have breakfast, 1 or 2 snacks before lunch, a snack before dinner and sometimes a snack before bed. I think that their metabolisms are so quick that they need constant fuel. I figure as long as it is healthy, nutritious food, then I'm all for it.