Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Kai and Koen are non stop wrestling chatterboxes. They fight a lot which is instigated by either Kai saying `Koen stinks' or Koen running up to Kai and knocking him down. However, more than anything, they are best buds. Most of their wrestling involves intense giggling rather than crying and screaming.
{This was drawn by Kai and I love that they are holding hands...well, that's what it's supposed to look like! He definitely got the proportions of their head correct!}

Kai says he would like a little sister named Rosie and that he's going to start praying for that.

Also, when we were driving today, someone cut me off and I muttered `idiot' under my breath. Kai said, `Daddy and I were reading the 10 Commandments and you are not allowed to say naughty words. You just made God really sad.'. Oops. Nothing like kids to keep you in check!

And finally, the boys were sharing a room and as usual, it was Koen that was chatting non stop and keeping Kai up. So, Koen came into the hall and said, `Mommy, I'm being too noisy!'. Who tells on their self?

In other news:
1. Our car was broken into (in Vancouver) and they stole our stereo. Lame. Mostly sucks for Gary as he loves listening to his sports radio in our commuter car:) Interesting part is I found a stereo on craigslist which I'm pretty sure was ours, posted on craigslist the day after it was stolen.
2. I'm not sure what to do about my jaw. Chiro is not working but I'm going to continue going (next appt in 1 hour). I'm considering the TMJ clinic in Chilliwack (an hour away) and I will be talking to them tomorrow. I just want the best expert taking care of it. How many fingers can you get vertically in your mouth? Four? I can just get one to two in right now, that's how seized up my jaw is. Lame.
3. I bought the `Quinoa 365: The Everyday Super Food' recipe book and tonight I'll be making the Thai Cashew Chicken and Broccoli on Quinoa recipe...should be good!

Have a great day!
Love, Louise


  1. you know everyone who is reading your blog totally is trying to see how many fingers fit vertically in their mouth ;)
    oh koen...telling on himself :)
    Please share the recipes if they're good! i'm finally diving into the world of quinoa and need some good recipes :)

  2. Louise- When I started with my TMJ issues I was at the 2-3 finger marker. My uncle who is an orthodontist said that an actual "splint" (made by an ortho) works better as it is thinner and fits your bite exactly. That allows you to wear it more often than just the night, to help get things under control. For the first few weeks I wore it as much during the day as I could as I could nearly talk normally with it in. It made a huge difference for me. Maybe the cost would be covered for you if it's a necessary appliance? (they're more expensive than mouth guards).

  3. You are right, Kelly - I was checking my mouth span while reading Louise's post! And I agree with Ali that the fourth finger wasn't too comfortable!
    Hope you find the right treatment for you soon.

  4. Love how Kai keeps you in check... :)

  5. I also may have used the naughty word, "idiot" in the car the other day... Adam kept me in check by repeating, "why that man an idiot?". Oops. Also, I LOVE the Quinoa cookbook and have tried many of the recipies... most recently the Rustic Vegetable Soup... delish!