Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Because Kai and Ani are in kindergarten, and Izzy is in preschool, the kids don't get to see each other as much anymore. However, the last two days we did hang out so Maria and I could share the joy (chaos) of dinnertime with the kiddos while the husbands were working. I can't believe how well the kids still get along, it's amazing. Totally different interests but they make it work. The girls even played Transformers with Kai at our house, that's pretty wild for two princesses. They also make homes for ladybugs and play soccer and hopscotch.
As a side note, if there is anything that my kids can't finish eating, I usually point out what it's good for (protein=build your muscles, you'll be so strong! etc). It doesn't work as well on Izzy. Apparently eating all your dinner is good for growing princess hair. The things I never had to learn about by having boys.
Kenzie scrunchy nose smile. She's on the move running around! The littlest baby in our extended family is all grown up just in time for the next babies to start coming in December! I know I've got at least one new niece in the mix!

What else is new?

Koen, who has been sort of potty trained for months (meaning, we take him every 2-3 hours and he's fine), has now been consistently going on his own. We don't have to ask/tell him, he goes when he needs to. Finally. He's cute and wild.

Kai took a big whiff of Langley farm air today and proclaimed, `I LOVE the smell of manure'.

I definitely need to take more pictures of my own kids. This is probably the toughest time of year photo wise because each weekend has about 4 sessions and it is so, so, so weather dependent with not a lot of room to reschedule. Anyway, back to my point, taking pictures of my own family is what I love best so I need to do that some more.

Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

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  1. Your nieces are so grown up! When did that happen?! Yikes...
    I loved your photos of Kai on the field trip: rain is no fun but rain gear makes for awesome photo clothes! :)