Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Organizing Machine

I've been an organizing machine! I had three whole days off last week (no sessions or editing to do!) and bought a new tv stand for the basement (as we have a new tv down there for the Wii), a new bench for the kids shoes and backpacks, and a new bookcase shelf thingy for Kai's closet. We also bought a new to us upright Kenmore freezer (wow, that's a lot of new stuff)!! This is exciting as we have been trying to cram our little freezer in the garage full of food all the time. Sadly, while cleaning it out, I found 100 oz of breastmilk that was too old to save for anyone. It was about 2 year old. I was a little sad throwing it away.

Anyway, I've been trying to declutter a bunch of stuff so everything is starting to look better. Also, I packed up all of Koen's size two stuff and then got all of Kai's old size three stuff out (which is fun to see again!). Glad the clothes can be re-used!
There are still a few more things that we need to do organization wise to finish off all the rooms, but I guess really, that job is never done:) This all stemmed from making the spare room downstairs a proper spare room...

I really love my Tuesdays with Koen. Strong Start in the morning, lunch, errands, and walk. He is my monkey. Today he just kept calling me his husband. It was pretty funny. `You are my husband! Hi, husband!'.

Salmon in the oven for dinner, YUM! Now, just waiting for Gary and Kai to come home.

Tomorrow is crazy busy and ends with a chiro appointment for my jaw. I've had TMJ dysfunction for about 10 years and it has gotten really bad in the last 6 months (jaw cracks every time I eat, yawn etc). Then, last week, I ate something hard, it slipped a bit and now I can only open my mouth halfway and it hurts. So, to the chiro I go. I'm hoping it helps!

Have a wonderful week. This was so random.


  1. impressive organizing!! I hope your jaw feels better soon... /=(

  2. Hope the chiropractor helps. I need you to do some organizing/decluttering at my place!

  3. love Koen's toque :)

  4. I looove organizing!