Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear 20 Year Old Louise

Dear 20 Year Old Louise,

Thank you for eating healthy and exercising. However, there are several aspects of your health that you are not taking into account. Take care of your jaw problems now. Your mouth guard is not enough, go see a physio/chiro/specialist. Seriously, it's just going to get way worse. And secondly, running around stressed out is going to catch up with you.


33 Year Old Louise (who stopped stressing out about 2 years ago when diagnosed with an autoimmune disease aggravated by stress and who also has a mouth that only opens half way now and it limited to softer foods. Please, please, please let all this chiro stuff work and let me be able to have a full functioning jaw again. The end.)

{Dad and Joanne are on the east coast and Steve is hunting...but we have more than enough room for them!}

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  1. Praying that your jaw issues get resolved soon.