Sunday, October 02, 2011

Run For The Cure Race Day!

Okay, so it's not really a `race' as it's more a time to honour those that have had breast cancer. However, amongst the sisters, it is kind of a race:) It is always a really wonderful way to remember my mom and for the kids to feel connected to an oma they never met. This year, our group was a bit smaller as we were down two sisters, their husbands, and their big baby bellies. Regardless, we still had a wonderful time (besides that fact that they started 30 minutes late...seriously organizers, think about people with kids!!).
The winner of the sisters for this year was MARIA!! Way to go. She beat me by about a minute, I guess it helps to actually run once in a while:) I came in around 34 minutes (I would rather be closer to 32 but oh well!). Gary was ahead of me by quite a ways, as always, pushing the boys in the double stroller. He's always the first double stroller in (second of all strollers today:) I have to say that it was a nice leisurely run and I enjoyed it! I love the nature paths that we run on, it was good. Yay for a healthy body!!!
Looking forward to seeing how many kids there will be in our family next year!!
{Yes, my eyes are closed...Jackie, Tyler, Nut, Steve, Dad and Joanne, hope to see you next year!!}
Kai finished the last 200 meters with me. He then said, `Mommy, you were the first of the slow group! I couldn't believe it, I thought you would be last!'. First of the slow group? Dude, there's not slow group and I did just fine. Thought I would be last? Dude, your mother is in decent shape.
{Kai and I running to the finish line. He met me on the other side of the track and we ran the rest together.}
Thank you to all of those who supported me, I raised $250.00 in 24 hours! Incredible! Thank you to KS, LW, TF, MV, SS, and MB.

Miss you mom. So thankful to have had you in my life!!
Love, Louise


  1. You wrote my name like you were super surprised! I kick your butt every year :) It was a nice day. Glad the rain held off - I still remember the year it POURED! not so fun! I totally agree about the 1/2 hour delay - will be writing to the organizers. When it says 10am start it should be within 10 minutes of that!

  2. Maria, last year I kicked your butt:) I mean, you were just out of ICU but still....And, the year before, I walked the 1km because of my GD. Let's see what happens next year!

  3. so awesome to see the family's participation each year as they're able :)

  4. You two (or 5) are not competitive at all, are you :)

  5. Oh those kiddos are so cute! :) I love that photo of the 6 of them!!
    And Reech, I felt like weezer was doing a drumroll to announce you as the winner...and did reech even run last year? she had a (not-even) one month-old!

  6. Jackie - I did not run last year. I sat on bleachers and watched. Had just got out of CCU a few days before.