Monday, October 17, 2011

Lovely Sunshine

Wow, we were blessed with some AMAZING sunshine this weekend. I was thankful because that means the kids play nicely outside, and also, I had a few photo sessions. If they they needed to be postponed, there's not really any free space to put another one. I am now trying to work just 3 hours a day which feels really good. People always assume that because I'm at home and I just do `some photography', I don't work. It drives me crazy. Having a business is work. Yes, so blessed to be with my kids BUT I also do work every single day. The end.

This is Kai's space downstairs. He loves his Wii. I never thought we would get him one so young but he does it instead of watching tv during quiet time and he also plays with the neighbours or Gary so I feel like it's sort of a better option? He can kick my butt in any game. He is particularly into Mario Kart and now, Mario Galaxy. We also balance it out with some lovely nerdy math activity books, which he actually loves. We always get them from Costco and I'm impressed by them. Did I mention that Kai is loving school? He really, really is. He also loves cutting out shapes. He will ask me to draw a bunch of things for him and then spend half an hour cutting them out. He is also doing swimming lessons right now and it doing a great job.
Koen is a monkey. He is a good kid. He is big on nicknames or just any name. Here are some things he will say to me in a day:
`Let's go, Coach!' `Way to go, Chaps!' `Can I have a snack, Hudson?' `Let's go to the park, Mr. Goffert'. Mr. Goffert is his favourite thing to call Gary or I. I can tell you that I know exactly where Koen gets this need to call people silly names. Gary.
Koen and I attend three programs a week: Strong Start, Kids Care Drop In (our church), and Noah's Ark Learning Start (library program at Kai's school). It works really well and he is loving it. Great intro for preschool I think!
I got this bench to deal with backpacks/shoes/hats. The kids know where to put them and that they have to be emptied before they go in their spot. I actually got recycle bins from Ikea to put in the bench because they are so much more durable than those cloth baskets you can get. It's perfect for their shoes. This is also the time out bench:)
This is the bookshelf that I ended up getting for Kai's clothes. It looks sort of messy in this picture but it works well inside the closet.

In health news, my thyroid is good (woohoo! Well, I feel good so I'm assuming my numbers are decent) and my jaw is bad (grrr). I am so excited to have an appointment at the TMJ clinic in Chilliwack and can't wait for my appointment. It's three weeks away, which sucks, but it's supposed to be the best. I'm thinking I will likely need surgery but we will see what he says! My friend who went through them to fix her jaw said he is great, although, it is a pricey process. She spent $7,000. I'm really hoping that mine won't be that much. I used to complain that Gary's mouth cost us a lot of money (all the root canals, fillings, crowns etc) but now I can't talk. I know we have some coverage as I believe it's under orthodontics but nothing close to that!

What's up ahead this week? Looking forward to five photo sessions (including my sister Trish's maternity session), a field trip to Aldor Acres with Kai's class, and hopefully a whole lot more sunshine!

Have a wonderful week.
Love, Louise

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  1. Love the little shoe organizer that doubles as time-out spot. Doesnt maria have one just like that?