Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Skater Boy

Our Kai Bear passed levels 1 and 2 of skating and we are sooooo proud of him. I'm mostly proud of his determination. It is so great to see that although he isn't blessed with the greatest coordination, he will give 110%. So, level 1 and 2 means basically that he can walk from one end of the rink to the other (ya, not so much gliding going on yet), turn in a circle, skate and touch his toes, fall down and get up. Pretty much it!
You can see by his sweaty face how hard he works! We went for a family walk afterwards to go to Starbucks to get a kids hot chocolate. I told him he could get whatever he wanted, and you know what he said? `Do they have apples?'. Crazy kid. Koen and Kai ended up having cake pops and hot chocolate:). Next up? Swimming lessons! I have a feeling that won't go as well but he we will see!
Kai is so into school it is driving me crazy. He asks me all day long what he will learn in grade 1, grade 5, grade 7, grade 11 etc. He wants to talk about everything he is learning, which is good, and I'm learning in the process. Right now in preschool, he is learning about the classification of instruments and the artist Kandinsky (he goes to a Wind and Tide preschool which we LOVE). I wonder if Koen will be as nerdy as him? (*Note: it is cool to be nerdy*). The boys continue to play so well together and Koen totally knows how to push Kai's buttons, it makes me laugh...and then tell him to stop:) Kai is now into computer games and Gary is in charge of that one. I have no idea what upgrades he is talking about, I just say `that's interesting'.
Just found this picture while going into our archives (2007/2008). Oh Mexico, it was a great trip with Kai bear and a bunch of friends! Just getting excited about our spring break and hoping we don't have to pack snowsuits to Tofino. Trying to figure out some business stuff. Trying to continue to work out the kinks in running a business with your spouse (don't know if I'd recommend it and I mean that in a nice way).

Gary and I are doing okay. We both had pulled muscles in our backs. I saw a massage therapist after dealing with a sore back for 2.5 months and now I feel fantastic. I just read `Room' by Emma Donaghue and it was a gooder. Gary just seems to be tired and understandably so. He works all day and then does the full out dad thing and then tries to fix our ridiculous computer. I am not buying a 4th computer but we might have to if I beat his computer up. DRIVING. US. CRAZY. Our 5D is also on the fritz. I think it's a battery connection type issue and I always have a back up camera on me just in case.....Gary wants to buy another 5D. Seriously, 4 cameras? Yikes. I guess that's what happens though when you have two photographers in the house!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Ours consists of photographing a wedding (very fun just doing one per month!!) and my niece, Sami's, first birthday!

Love, Louise


  1. Well done on the skating! I think he is doing awesome. We still haven't made it past the lying on the ice although I've been too scared to go back and try again. I'm trying to gear up and brave myself for soccer.

  2. way to go Kai!!!! that is so fantastic - his determination is awesome :) hope his swimming lessons go well...even if it just helps grow his confidence in the water, it's so worth it!
    i hoped we could do W&T preschool, but the cost was too much; however, everyone we know that goes there just LOVES it!
    computers are so frustrating, hey? i am not looking forward to a day when/if my camera would die on me. no hopes of replacing it at this point! hopefully things work out with your 5D. although i do love buying new electronics, so buying a new one could be fun! :)

  3. I remember how awesome it used to be to have hot chocolate after winter sports, with your hair a little messed up and cheeks flushed (just like Kai in the photo). Congrats to Kai on his skating achievement! Also, I think I love his preschool. :-)