Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Beach

What a fabulous trip to Tofino/Ucluelet!! The only thing that would've made it better is if we had stayed one more night. Kai said that he can't wait until he's a dad and then he can take his kids there too:) I love that this is becoming a bit of a tradition with us and you can see our trip with Kai there, three years ago, here.
This time, we stayed at the Water's Edge Resort. It was perfect for us; a separate room for the kids, a kitchen, internet/tv, ocean side, free kayaks and bikes, affordable, etc.

The second day, we spent time at Big Beach in Ucluelet (you can see day 1 in the previous post). Yes, I'm wearing a scarf as a hat.
The whole beach is made up of shells like the shot below. So fun to look at everything!
We went geocaching here and I'm the one that found it. Kai said, `You're getting better at geocaching mom!', like I'm normally terrible at it. Thanks bud. We were trying to find a second one on an island with steep cliffs. Kai is quite unaware and would just follow the GPS's arrow right over a cliff if I didn't have my hand on him. He did end up walking right into the water at one point. We had to go back to the resort and change.
We spent the majority of the day at Long Beach. If you've never been, you might have to. It's gorgeous. We used to go there a lot when we were kids and Gary and I have been there three times together.
We got there about 10 am and spent a couple hours just exploring. There was no one else there when we arrived. Whole place to ourselves!

We were just moving the seastars into the ocean because the seagulls had started picking at them in the low tide. Koen was soooo excited. The tide pools on Long Beach are pretty much non existent so there actually weren't too many things to look at.
We went back to our place to try to get the boys to nap, but only Gary fell asleep:)
Then we went to Romano's for dinner where we had gone three years ago with Kai. Super yummy pizza and another little tradition!

This morning we went to Wickaninnish Interpretive Center and beach since I had never been there. It was pouring pretty bad so we didn't stay long. I would really love to go back to that beach! We stopped by oma and Uncle Al's place in Port Alberni on the way back and had a good visit. Koen had lots of kisses and hugs for oma and uncle Al. At least uncle Al and I are smiling in this picture:)
What a great trip. I'm really just savouring and enjoying this time with our family of four. I love it. The boys got along so well and amazed me with their behaviour. So proud of them. Time to do some laundry, some grocery shopping, and prepare for our next trip; Green Lake! Yippee for Spring Break!!!!!!!!!

Love, Louise


  1. That last photo of the four of you walking on the beach is outstanding!

  2. I do love the photo of the boys with their bubbies, as Gary sleeps on the bed - so cute ;). Weezer - you look pretty good in those photos, if I do say so myself! The one with the scarf, your cheek bone, natural smile - very nice!

    Lastly, the photos on the beach remind me of when Tyler and I got engaged. We got engaged around 3pm in Tofino on Feb 23 2008, and took photos (yes - it was sunny!) on the beach...it truly is such a beautiful place! I do love that ocean - for many reasons, but one big one likely being that we went to the West coast of the Island every year growing up! Poett Nook, 2012....?! :)

  3. SO gorgeous! I've never been to Long BEach, but have always wanted to. i may have to check out the place you guys stayed :)
    love that last picture too.
    have fun at the lake!

  4. I love how koen wearing the same clothes kai did in the old post 3 years ago. Same pic of him walking on beach that you took of kai years ago. Very nice!

  5. Cath Tucker8:03 PM

    Love these pictures! It looks like you had a great time and it makes me want to head to Long Beach too :)