Sunday, March 20, 2011


We have started our holidays! Yes, I'm blogging because I like to stay on top of our pictures (we take a lot). If you could've heard Kai for the first 2 hours of our day, you would be laughing non stop. He was unbelievably excited. Constant exclamation marks:)
We walked though Cathedral Grove and above is the `big tree' (800 years old). We then had a visit with my oma and uncle Al. Oma (my mom's mom) turned 88 today!
We got excited about our hotel room (this was Kai and Koen's room but Koen is now sleeping in the kitchen after his many shenanigans). Our place is so fantastic and is right on the ocean. We have a huge kitchen to make all of our meals which is a major plus for us.
We hiked to the lighthouse in Ucluelet.
We saw grey whales (a lot!!) and celebrated the Whale Festival with balloons, spotting scopes, and even a hands on display of sperm whale teeth and baleen plates/mats.
We walked around our resort (I love little fishing towns!).
We geocached in a cool location (WWII bomb shelter) and Kai actually found it on his own.
And now we are going to sleep since we started our all day adventure before 6am:) Vacations are exhausting! The boys are doing so well. I can't believe how easy this stage is and they can just go, go, go. So much fun. Long Beach tomorrow! Bon nuit.


  1. The place you're staying looks amazing! Great photos!

  2. So exciting. We'll be at that lighthouse tomorrow evening! Looks like the weather is ok, which always makes vacation more fun.

  3. so cool!!!! looks amazing :) i hope the weather continues in a nice trend for you.