Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Koen's voice is adorable. He has been counting for a while but always messing up 3, 4, 5. Finally yesterday, he got it and it's so cute:)
One, Two, Twee, Sore, Sive....(all his f's are s's) up to 11. He loves counting and it always calms his down. He also really loves talking about colours.
He has the cutest singing voice in the world. It's what we woke up to early this morning and it started our day with a big smile. He was singing `Dinosaur Train' in the hallway trying to wake up Kai Bear:)
Oh, and I will miss the day when mommy's kisses don't make his owies feel better. It's so cute how he loves to get kisses and then he's says, `All better mommy bear! Thank you, mommy bear!'.


  1. this is such a cute age, hey? :)

  2. Counting and colors!!! That is awesome!!! Mikayla only knows the 1, 2, 3.......perhaps from hearing me count up for time out........