Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Lake

Awesome trip!! Just got back from my dad's `cabin' (house) at Green Lake. We went with my sister Maria and her family. Basically the kids just played, played, played. Such a great age. We were without internet which meant that we couldn't do the geocaching we wanted to but we did have two locations stored in the GPS so we did those two. Ashley W, if you're reading, I was going to email you to see if you wanted to geocache with us (I think your kids would love it!) but our wireless connection wasn't working.
Enjoy the photos....Ani helped me pick which photos to post and which ones to put together:)
(Koen actually napped! Kenzie, 6 months old, has a terrible cold but she did super well!)
We took the four big kids geocaching...
You can see that Izzy did not love her first geocache (below). It may have had something to do with the long hike along snowmobile trails, falling through deep snow, and not finding the actual geocache (likely buried under the snow).
We did find another one and Ani and Kai got to sign their names in it.
There were some great workouts for the parents:)

Gary and I actually went for a nice jog together. We never go up in the winter/spring, isn't it gorgeous?
Gary and I went back to the spot where we took an engagement photo on January 22nd, 2005 (we got engaged on the 21st). We got engaged and married up at Green Lake. We did a little updated photo at that spot:)

Great trip. Last time we were there, Koen had the flu so this was much nicer:) The kids all got along so well, so fun to see!
Such a great first week of Spring Break. Looking forward to week #2!!!!


  1. Aw! Looks so fun! I love the photos of the parental work-outs! :) Man...Reech is such a machine!

  2. love these pictures - it is so beautiful there!

  3. So beautiful - love Green Lake in the spring! How fabulous for the kids.

  4. Looks like such a great time!!
    We took a drive out to Green Lake a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous. We can't wait to go back this summer. I would love to meet up if you are there. I think the kids would have fun together. Thanks for thinking of us!!

  5. SO gorgeous! Can you post your original engagement shot so we can compare? ;)

  6. Lindsay, you can see the original photo here:
    It was just taken from the opposite side. I don't think anyone did actual engagement sessions back we just took a photo to remember the day:)