Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Countdown

Spring break in just 5 days! I'm really excited and our first stop is the Water's Edge Resort in Ucluelet. Should be good! I've already started baking each day so we have lots of snacks to eat:) We'll have a full kitchen too so we'll make our own meals. I feel that the kids are at the perfect age to do this so I'm hoping that is the case!
I really wish that it would be sunny for maybe, I don't know, three days?! I'm so sick of the rain and to go the Vancouver Island with more and more rain is not making it as exciting as it could be. We had a good weekend; dinner with friends on Friday, a wedding (in the pouring rain) on Saturday, and then church and my niece's first birthday on Sunday. The picture below is me saying `Gary, what are you doing?'. When I ask him to take one picture, he takes about 30 in a row to try to prove a point but he never even checks the shutter speed which drives me nuts. I should clarify this...he is trying to be funny by just taking a bunch of photos in a row which makes me think he isn't `trying'.

Gary is at a cooking class at Well Seasoned tonight. It was one of the gifts I got him for Christmas. He loves cooking. It's actually a vegetarian class as we would like to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into our repertoire.
Kai Bear got a human body book from my sister Jantina. He LOVES it. It's probably at a grade 9 level but he is so fascinated it. He said to his friend today, in extreme excitement: `I have a new human body book and it even has pictures of real red blood cells and white blood cells!'. The friend just stared at him blankly:) Today we read all about the urinary system and I was seriously weirded out that my 4 year old was learning the word `nephron'. He is way nerdier than I ever was, and I was pretty nerdy! He suggested that maybe the white blood cells should hold a sign that said `No germs allowed' which would make their job much easier. He also thought the reason some virus' are difficult to get rid of is because they are too camouflaged.
Kai realized today that one day, Gary will likely be his science teacher and possibly his coach as well. He was so incredibly excited. He asked if I would also be his teacher and I guess that will be a possibility too. Crazy. Oh man, if Gary ever coaches Kai and/or Koen in basketball I think it will be the coolest thing too watch, I'm looking forward to it:)

Okay, time to put the kiddos to bed. I know it's bad, but I am so thankful that Koen can now watch tv. Pockets of peace. I'll take it! And can I just say, that although the boys have their moments, for the most part they are such good buddies. It is the sweetest thing to see them chasing each other while giggling away. Kai even offered to eat Koen's peas and carrots so that Koen could have ice cream for dessert:)
Have a fabulous week.
Love, Louise


  1. Kai is H-O-T.
    Yay for spring break. And no rain!

  2. Oooh, sounds like a fun start to the spring break (aside from the rain and Kai's rash!)
    very cute of Kai to offer to eat Koen's veggies :)
    i also like that picture of you - just to clarify, is the point that Gary making by taking 30 pictures, that he doesn't NEED to check the shutter speed?

  3. So cool that Gary's taking a cooking class. That sounds very fun.

    Love Kai's nerdiness!! I am fascinated by the body too. I have a Body Book and keep trying to get the kids into it. I should bring it in the summer so Kai and I can bond over it. :)

  4. Oh and I wanted to agree with Ali that you look really pretty in that photo. And Kai is so cute. I love that sprinkle of freckles over his nose!

  5. I love that Kai offered to eat Koen's veggies so he could have dessert!