Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Things To Check Out

1. My dad is taking his seadoo around the Queen Charlotte Islands. He went up to Alaska three years ago but couldn't do the Charlotte's at that time due to the weather. He has 3 weeks set aside to do it so that he can take his time depending on the weather. I would say that this isn't the safest trip but my dad is an adventurer at heart. I think this is one of the last thing on `his list'...besides getting his pilot's license. I will never fly with him. That's another story:) You can follow his journey, if you want, at `Jack's Adventure' on the side bar. He better be careful because I can't really have anything happen to him. Kai bear needs his Opi!!

2. We recently hired a friend/graphic designer/photographer to create a new logo and look for GC Photography. For Gary and I, it was important to get a fresh perspective, full of creativity, to do this. We had dabbled in it ourselves and needed a professional :) Check out Frances' blog entry about how the process went. It was really fun for us! Here I am dorkily (pretend it's a word) showing off our new DVD covers at midnight last night. Gary's almost on holidays so I have someone to hang out with til midnight each night!

PS My shirt is not purposely matching the covers.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Love, Louise
PS I just need to tell you one more time how I am so excited that George is doing so well, he was walking a few days ago!!!


  1. It was three years ago already....times flies. I was pregnant with izzy at the time, that is why I remember. Like the logos

  2. wow - that's quite the trip!
    i LOVE the new logo...very fresh and yes, creative!
    YAY George!!!!

  3. love the new look! you're hilarious.

    thanks again for today.

    i need to pay you for this time AND riley's most recent pix....i keep putting it on my list and not getting to it...sorry!!!

  4. p.s. yay george!!

    and yes, opi needs to be careful!! holy crapola! but good for him!

  5. Go Mr. Dekens!

    Go George!

  6. fresh AND them!

  7. I love the new look - now you and Gary need matching turquoise t-shirts for your shoots..