Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reading Together

Just a few pictures of the boys! Let's see what's new with each of them:
Koen: Started eating using a fork. Loves pointing to my eyes, nose, mouth, and belly while he says the words and giggles. Nose sounds like `No' and it's cute. The adorable little curl on his head is now gone. I'm still growing his hair out though..until someone asks how old my little girl is:)
The boys love each other so much. They only want to go somewhere if the other one is going. They giggle and dance together in the van. It's not always giggles though. Koen will go up to Kai and take Kai's favourite toy and run away as fast as he can. Kind of funny. He's had 3 time outs so far. Each time I say `No Tv' or whatever he has been playing with. Koen replies with `No' and shakes his head (I think he gets it) and then we hug. It's very cute. I think he's learned that part (what to do in time out) well from his brother.
(He's got 4 more teeth on the way, one more molar has poked through!)

(Do you see how he sucks in his cheeks? He makes sucking motions constantly. It's what he does instead of sucking his thumb...kind of interesting)
(`Cheese' face)
(Can you see that they are reading side by side?)
Kai: We went bike riding together and it was awesome. Did I also tell you that I ran and he biked the other day? He loves his independence on the bike (with training wheels) and is a little more brave than I would like him to be. He is getting over a cold and therefore is a little bit, um, cranky. I can't believe that in one month he will be 4! I'm getting excited to plan his party. I think he wants to have a hockey party but he also wants another car themed one so we will see...we'll either be playing hockey or racing cars:) His hair has changed from coarse porcupine hair to soft flat hair. So strange!

(Arms around eachother without fighting!! It only took 17 months!)

Gary and I may have gone to a couple of open houses this weekend. It was not a good idea because the houses were worth about $150,000 MORE than ours. Made ours look so little. Oh well, we'll soon be going on holidays and when we come back our house will look nice and comfy again:) I just feel a little claustrophobic with all the billions of homes in our area. It was not like this 4 years ago when we moved in. Also, it doesn't help that everyone in our life seems to be moving! I'm sure we'll stay here and just finish the basement suite. Sometime.
Three photo sessions and 4 weddings and then it's HOLIDAY time!! Woohoo, I'm so excited. Did I mention that we are photographing a wedding in Victoria? My sister Jackie and her husband Tyler are babysitting so we are spending the night. AWESOME.
AND just because it was a goal of mine...I RAN 5KM TODAY. GO ME. TAKE THAT, THYROID!

Love, Louise


  1. That's awesome (your running!).
    Kai looks sooo grown up all of a sudden!

  2. Very cute pictures of the two together.
    Running 5 km is awesome!! It must have felt so great to be able to accomplish that. Do you find yourself extremely tired after or does it change your levels at all?

  3. totally agree with lindsay about Kai.
    and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for 5k! That is awesome!!!!!!
    have fun on your night away :)

  4. I was thinking that both of them looked sooo grown up! And I think that Koen is starting to look a lot like Kai too. Yes, TAKE THAT THYROID!!!

  5. Cute pics of your boys, wow does Kai ever look like Gary and Koen like you!

  6. LOVE the pic of Kai looking directly into the camera. I also can't believe he's 4. How did he grow up so quickly?

  7. so cute of the boys hugging :) yay for running 5km!!