Saturday, June 19, 2010


I just need to get out a few thoughts but will have more on our Father's Day festivities and adoption seminar later.
I am so emotional these past few days. Just feeling a lot.
1. George got his transplant. Obviously not out of the woods yet but he finally was able to receive the lungs he has prayed for for so long. I just feel for their family in this roller coaster and for the donor's family.
2. I took pictures for a young mom who has terminal cancer (who is so beautiful and is doing amazingly well and surprising all the doctors. She has a wonderful family.). While editing the pictures, it just brought back a ton of emotions in regards to my mom and how I would've loved to have had pictures with her like that. Mom didn't like getting her picture taken:) Just brought back the feelings of what I felt like when we were told that mom didn't have long to live. Just tough stuff.
3. Adoption. Wow. This is huge in my heart right now. I just feel for all birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. I feel a mass mix of emotions for all of them/us. I seriously feel like I want to adopt more than once. However, I know that I need to be realistic and you never know until you go through with it. Right? Like someone who says they want four kids and then realize what one is like. There was one family that spoke to us at the seminar and they had three biological kids and then adopted a sibling set of 4 AND she was my age! Wow. I'm starting to feel a bit impatient and we still have a few months left to go before we are even `active'. I really have a desire to have another baby/child in our home soon. I do completely trust God's timing though so I'll leave it in his hands. We start our home study on Monday and are def. moving faster than anyone else that was with us at the first seminar:) Tonight we watched `Blindside' which just made me cry some more:)
Have a wonderful night.
Love, Emotional Louise


  1. Love to you! What an emotional weekend. Jeepers, it never rains but it pours.

    I watched Blindside on Friday night and it made me super emotional!! I wanted to adopt that girl so bad!