Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too nice. So beautiful.

Look at the beautiful roses I was given. Twenty long stemmed roses from Ecuador (I think that's what he said). I had done some photos as a gift and they gave me these amazing flowers. Too nice. So beautiful.
And Kai's Preschool Sports Day. They got a ribbon after each `race'. It wasn't even race-like, they had maybe 3 kids go at a time. All of us dorky parents sat at the finish line with our cameras and video cameras. Anyone watching would think we're so ridiculous...
I found out that Kai's teacher next year is the mother of two girls that I have taught in the past. Very cool.

I've realized over the past couple of weeks that I'm working too much right now. We are not accepting any more photo shoots for 2010. Yes, the year. We still have at least 2 shoots every week until the end of September and then that's it! It's hard because I don't know when the baby will be joining our home so I don't want to book too much for the fall (when we are considered `active' on the adoption wait list). If I've done your photos or are doing them soon, don't feel guilty about it, I just love it so much! However, I also love my kids and the idea of summer holidays. I've been doing about 4 shoots per week which is just too much! I think I won't feel so overwhelmed once Gary is actually home and I can work during the daytime, more than just the one to two hour nap period. Maybe then I won't have to work until 11pm each night. Gary says take a break but if I do, it will just pile up. I am not a `let it pile up' kind of girl. I'm a `I can't sleep until everything on my list is done!' kind of girl.

I booked our cabins today and I'm really excited about it. Woohoo for Kananaskis and Drumheller! Hoping and praying that our van behaves, that the weather is decent and that no one gets sick (really, just Koen..he gets it the worst). Oh, and I wrote most of my `Dear Birth parent' letter today. Have to add pictures and make it flow better but I think it's very `me'.
Have a lovely evening.


  1. smart move for your own sanity (as much as I will miss seeing your photo updates!). And good on you for writing your letter. I'm sure it's beautiful :)

  2. beautiful flowers!
    i love Kai in the potato sack - so cute :)
    i was wondering that very fact about you you do it all! The busyness must be crazy...

  3. I giggled when I saw the picture of Kai. Too cute! He is getting so big!!

  4. That flower is insane! so gorgeous!!!
    Hope you can wind things down a bit...I am the same way - no break or bed until things are DONE....can't start the next day going uphill!