Friday, June 11, 2010

Brotherly Love

Yes, blogging on a Friday. Only half as many people read blogs on the weekend but oh well! Should be a good weekend ahead as I've got the second round of football playoffs, a couple photo shots and then family bbq. We might also attempt camping in there too...just a one night trial to see how Koen does.
Caught this super cute moment of the boys reading together!! Kai read him his favourite book twice, what a good big brother!
Koen is starting to say so many new words per day and it's adorable! He loves saying `no' which is actually so helpful because then I know what he does or doesn't want. His new word on Tuesday may have been `boo-tee' while he shook it:)
How cute...just getting along!!!
I put Koen on the toilet before his bedtime diaper and so far he's peed on the toilet almost every time. He loves feeling like a big boy:) Would be awesome to have him out of diapers when we have our third. I never know how to say that part...`get our third' `adopt our next child' `when our baby comes'? We have our three day adoption seminar next week! Also, I've started thinking about baby names (if we have a newborn). Would love a name with K in the middle to keep the flow with the other boys. You know, like Micah or Luka or McKinley or something. If you think of something, let me know! The middle name would likely be in relation to the birth mom or she could choose it.
This was the slinky incident. Snapped in half and cut up Koen's face.
Great berry cupcakes. I made them with blueberries instead of blackberries because that is what I had in the freezer. Yummy but maybe a bit too sweet!
A terrible picture of pesto but I really think that if you like pesto you should make it. Follow any recipe, it is so super duper easy and versatile! I make mine with less oil than Gary would like and sometimes I use walnuts instead of pine nuts but really, you can do whatever you want. Basil and sun dried tomatoes....lovely combo!!
And now to show what the boys are really like together...

Have a great weekend everyone! By the way, GC Photography now has a new domain to make it a bit simpler: The old one will take you there but hopefully this shorter one will be easier to remember and look a little more professional. New logo and a bit fresher look coming soon, I'm excited!
Be safe.
Love, Louise


  1. i know the feeling of weekend-blogging. comments are usually very minimal.
    it's supposed to be nice this weekend, so if you go camping, hopefully it all works out well :)
    makes me wonder if i should put Ezra on the potty before bed too - interesting idea. i've never made it, but i think i need to just bite the bullet, buy the basil, pine nuts and make it. and oh yes, sundried tomatoes. i don't think there could be any more wonderful a combination.
    gonna check out the new gc site!

  2. I love little kids in pjs with feet. SO cute!

  3. boo-tee......that is so cute!! The pictures of the boys reading together are really nice. Isn't it heart warming to capture those moments.
    I am also really into "k" sounding names. I wanted to name Caileigh, Kai if she was a boy. I would name one of the twins Kai but then we would have 3 similiar names and that might get too confusing. Caileigh and Mikayla are close enough!

  4. the last couple photos are very realistic...and CUTE photos of them reading together!!!

  5. I love the random pics of what they are usually like... the chaos!
    You have some very lovely boys there Lou.

  6. Thomas has the same jammies as Koen. Love their silliness in the last few pictures. :)

  7. much goodness in this post. The cupcakes...mmmm! Is there berries in the icing too? and that pesto. You and Kelly and your food pictures.
    Koen looks so little to be on the potty, but so cute!
    Love the name Luka....I think it would match great!

  8. Megan-yes, blueberry puree in the batter and in the icing! I like Luka too because it's partially my name:)

  9. even if you blog on a friday, the post is still here waiting for the latecomers. And look how many comments already! I must admit, I still get confused when you say "have our new baby", but I can see that it's tricky to find the right wording. Maybe "when our adoption is complete"? I dunno. Cute kiddos you have there. I'm nowhere near ready to attempt to potty train Jax! After when we went through with Marty, I really don't want to try it too soon. Happy for your good start, though.