Friday, November 23, 2007

Without words...

I'm very frustrated. My cold turned into laryngitis. I have been unable to speak for 24 hours now. This is very frustrating because I'm not much fun when playing with Kai and even disciplining is hard. He looked so confused with me this morning when I responded to his `boo!' with a whisper (he always says `boo' now when we get him from his crib). I'm a big talker, especially with Gary, so he may be enjoying this time but I am very frustrated. I hope it gets better soon...otherwise, I won't be teaching on Monday!


  1. Sorry to tell you, but my laryngitis lasted for 4 whole days. Johnny was thankful though because he was able to finish painting the babies' room without any input from me! :)

  2. I'm officially on sub-alert...

  3. did the Bun learn to say 'boo'? Must've been someone pretty fun! :) Yup. Sucky about the larynx. Maybe we should just take it out. :)