Tuesday, November 20, 2007


'Du-dow' (touchdowns). This kid loves watching basketball or football. He especially loves football because they wear `hats'.

Snuggles with daddy. What is better than some good 30 second (oh I wish Kai would snuggle longer) snuggle at the end of the day?

This is what I see all day long ...`Up? Up?'

He has really loved playing on the couch this week...he loves having all his friends (stuffed animals) up there with him.

He's been a little annoying lately as he finds dirt on the floor or stuff in the garbage can and will say `dirty' and then attempt to eat it. We've been trying to give him more positive attention to see if that's why he's misbehaving (because he has been getting the most attention when shutting the computer down, playing with the vcr, tipping over the garbage) but so far, no difference.

Last night was tough. Gary and I accidentally stayed up late (usually we are quite responsible with a 11pm bedtime). We had our church care group over at our house and then cleaned up and stayed up late talking about some deeper-ish stuff. Then, at 4am, Kai had a coughing fit so I was up with him for a while and didn't fall back to sleep til about 6am. Then, up for work at 7am. Hard to have patience for a million kids when you are tired but I have to say I did really well! I guess that's a drawback of working and being a mom, those nights with little sleep really do a number on you! Did I mention that Gary has been sick for 2 weeks and I've been half sick (you know when your body is fighting a cold and you kind of have one for forever)?

Maria is now 6 days overdue, we are hoping for a baby really soon! I was 4 days early and that was hard enough for me so I can't imagine!

Well, time to mark a bunch of tests and projects...report cards are around the corner. I hope House is a new one tonight!


  1. I was thinking about Maria today, as I heard the Pauline finally had her 10pound baby boy today.

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    whoa whoa whoa
    u guys watch nfl? that looks like the denver tennessee match i watched last night! he he. be sure to remember that football is thursday saturday and sunday this week (american thanksgiving). go seattle.
    ps - kai's "up. up" very cute. it's him showing affection:)

  3. I hate marking...