Monday, November 26, 2007

I can speak!

Sort of. I'm home from work today because if I taught today, I know I would lose my voice again. Also, I am coughing like crazy. I have the car today, and wow, does the day fly by when you can get out!!!! I just went for a walk with Maria and then let Ani and Kai play for a bit together. Kai loves playing with all of their toys and of course Bailey, their dog. I didn't get any pictures there but here are a few from the last hour...

Getting food ready in the kitchen

Giving Lodi a drink

His beloved Bubi (he gets pretty excited about it)

Bubi used to stay in his bed but now that he can climb up and down the stairs, he can get Bubi. Besides, he is so much happier when he can run to Bubi every 20 minutes or so. Anyone out there have a kid who loves their blankie?! Any rules you have? Whenever we go out, he's fine without it so its not a must have (unless going to sleep). It also makes car rides much more enjoyable if he has Bubi.

He loves these flashcards. I got them at the dollar store months ago but they are still one of his favourite things. He loves to hold them up and say the words (he only knows the words for maybe 5 of them). His comprehension is increasing daily, we can say `Kai, bring us the ketchup/chicken/bowl/lid' from his play kitchen and he gets it no problem. Quite fun. What is not fun is him throwing stuff and then saying `uh oh'. I read in a parenting magazine never to judge another parent with kids older than yours and I can see why (PS I know not to judge at all but sometimes....). He can be quite wild with throwing and hitting. This is def. something we do not agree with and always deal with but if I had seen some other kid do it before I had kids, I might've had some different thoughts....Okay, he wants to play now, makes sense. Gotta go!


  1. Matthew still loves his "Bee" which is a smaller version of Kai's Bubi. No rules unless I see it interfering with something (like speech; if it is in his mouth and he is talking around it or choosing NOT to talk with it in there, or something else), and then I would/have made it bedtime and cartime and new experience time specific.
    Security items are #1, perfectly normal, and #2, perfectly harmless.

    I had a security blankie until I was 7. I'm normal. Sorta! :D

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    we're working on Ayva's scratching. for some reason when we're playing around sometimes she goes to scratch my mouth. she drew the a teensy bit of blood the other day! i think i'm going to have to get some flashcards when we come in December.