Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Our little guy is a piggy. Breakfast: multigrain toast, egg, banana (and I mean a whole one of each). He eats more than I do! Dinner tonight: 1 1/2 pieces of pizza (yes, we have Delissio once a week on the `oh I'm way to tired to cook night'..), one piece of toast, whole mandarin orange, half an apple. After dinner, he still wanted more food and drank his milk no problem. We did give him some snacks after dinner. Wow. Doesn't it seem like a lot? Is that normal? I weighed him yesterday to make sure we weren't making him too chunky (because he seriously could eat all day long) and he has actually lost half a pound so it must be that he is just running it all off. He will eat any food, even olives which I can't stand.
As for my cold...I am still not normal. I have been having very intense coughing fits like one from 5-6am this morning. At least my voice is back. Maybe I will see a doctor but if its just a cold, I feel bad bugging them. Sorry, no pictures today. Really, nothing exciting. Taught, came home, played with Kai, ate, school work.


  1. babies regulate their caloric intake quite well on their own... you don't need to restrict his calories or worry about how much he weighs right now. Chunk=health at this age. He has to bulk up in preparation for developmental milestones, growth spurts, learning, etc.
    Matthew ate more than I do for at least a year! Ayden weighed in the 110th percentile for 2 years and now he's skinny as a rail. Just keep him active, model healthy eating and active lifestyle, and he'll be healthy.
    As long as the food he's eating is healthy, you can feed him as much as he wants. In fact, you should! It's healthier!

  2. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Louise, count your blessings! Toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters! I know you are offering him a nutritious, balanced diet (including fats from natural sources like dairy, which are essential for brain development). Let him go to town. You have said he's a very active kid, and he is destined to be tall, so it's not surprising he is eating lots. I'd only be concerned if he was sitting in front of the tv all day long, plowing through bags of chips and twinkies ;)

  3. That seems normal to me. At least when comparing Kai to Shaylah it is normal. She is a little piggy too. :)