Saturday, November 10, 2007


Oh, did you say DON'T dump out all the blocks? Too bad, did it anyway. Now I'm going to run the rest of the toys and dump them out too.

Complaining that he can't reach the cereal box in the back of the cupboard. Poor guy, life is really tough.

Feeding Lodi his dinner

Love the little guy. His new words for the week are; dirty, me, uh oh and bowl. Me means `Please give me what you have!'. Bowl can take the place of a lot of things that he was calling `hat'. Also, he's big. Not sure on measurements, but he's big. Heavy. Tall. Constant sore back.

Now, for the downside of an energetic 15 month old. First, having a child meant that I could no longer do what I wanted to do when I wanted. I forget to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom. Really. I might have to go to the bathroom and then 2 hours later, when he goes for his nap, I realize I really should go! Also, Gary and I have probably enjoyed 3 meals together in 15 months. I've also gotten used to the fact that every weekend is just like a weeknight where we hang out at home. Well today, he drove me crazy making me realize that our house is run by him. Toys are forever scattered throughout the house (and down the basement stairs...apparently its fun to watch shoes/socks/pumpkins fly down the stairs). A nicely cleaned up box of toys is just asking to be dumped out. He is constantly climbing up the stairs (so I moved our recliner in front of the stairs today so i couldn't get up either). He loves opening the garbage can to throw pots and pans in there OR take out really gross stuff and run around with it. I don't want to put my garbage can up in a cupboard that is securely locked because then its a pain for ME to get into it. I love my step garbage can. Grrrrr....I love him lots but he is tiring in regards to discipline and safety these days. This is def. waaaaaaaaay easier than newborn and maybe a little more frustrating than tiring. On the other hand, he is really able to melt me in one second, his hugs and kisses give me a feeling inside that is uncompareable.

Kids are a lot of work. Have people been telling me that all along and now I really take note of it because I'm in it? Talking about kids, I have really great students this year. Teaching is going well. Love the part time. So fortunate that the school allowed it as an option. Can't believe Christmas break is just 6 weeks away, its going so fast!

Maybe by my next post, I will have a new neice or nephew!!!!

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  1. I have done a good deal of venting today also and I definitely relate to this post somehow- not with kids that are younger, but with older ones who have seriously complicated issues with no clear or easy solutions. Somehow we expect more of them when they're older and that often leads to disappointment! Tomorrow is another day! May God give us both patience and wisdom!