Friday, November 02, 2007

15 months old

Wow, ever since he turned one, time is FLYING! He is a little more monkeyish every day. This means I find him cuter and a whole lot more mischevious all the time. This month, some new things have been; coming down stairs on his own (but not knowing how to start on the first step), staring out the backdoor at the basketball net and saying `ball' over and over, saying `dirty, hat, jackie, bumbin, and hot' (note: hot is for anything to do with food/cooking/anything dangerous and bumbin is pumpkin), and playing with cars. He now naps from 11-1pm and has just 2 bottles of milk per day.
Exploring with auntie Jackie this morning
Loving the outdoors..his poor little fingers, he won't wear gloves and its getting chilly out!
Wanting to touch the camera lens soooooooo badly
He does not listen to the word `no'. Well, actually he hears it and does the action over again with the hugest grin ever so ...we are working on this. It means that if he starts climbing upstairs, I have to say no and go after him and bring him down about 7 times in a row. The whole reason he goes upstairs is to get Bubi (his blankie) but we want to keep Bubi in the crib. Also, if he is touching something he shouldn't (dvd player, smashing his cars against the window), we have started hitting his hand. This seems to have worked today as about the 5th time in a row that he would do something wrong, he would be crying while doing it and then stop and just hug me. I am also trying to get him to stop pulling hair.
This is def. a fun stage but I really sense that he is bored with all that we have in the house. We do get out for a walk to the park and store each day but that's not doing it. I'm not sure what he wants, or what would keep him happy, but I'm sensing that he needs something new and exciting. We do make sure to interact with other people and kids each day which seems to be a highlight for him. I enjoy him and his understanding of what I'm saying is pretty amazing. I am also nervous as I get glimpses of what he looks like when he throws tantrums and I'm sure there are a ton to come. Today he threw his worst one yet (really not that bad, but, his face got super blotchy and he forgot what he was so upset about).
Some info: (I realize this is boring but its my record for him/me)
Weight: 27+lbs
Favourite food: mum mums
First junk food: one smartie (cut in half)
Favourite word: hat (especially now that everyone is wearing a hat!!!)
Favourite event: when someone comes to the door and he can stand at the window and look out
Favourite fruit: apples and kiwi (bananas have fallen from the #1 position)
Favourite toy: Lodi (big stuffed monkey)
Favourite thing in the world: Bubi (blankie)
Newest physical development: walking backwards
Favourite thing to do with daddy: jump up and down in his arms
Favourite thing to do with mommy: play with her pony tail
Favourite friend: Ani
Favourite thing to do that he's not allowed: banging his cars on the window
Well, the monkey is off to bed so I'm going to relax!!!!


  1. aww...those are some great pics! i enjoy your update blogs like this :)

  2. I love the first picture. Marty saw it and copied what Kai was doing. And the last picture looks so much like Jayden!

  3. Try rotating his toys! If they are out of sight for a week or two and you bring them back out, it's like they are NEW TOYS again (obviously only rotate 1/2 his toys at a time so he's not bereft for a week). Also try cooking/baking with him. Does he like playdoh? You can make playdoh yourself, and he can help, and then play with it afterwards. That should help keep him occupied/interested/not bored a bit longer! Get him doing housework too! Unloading the dishwasher is a bit hit at that age. They LOVE to help, and they LOVE to do grownup stuff.
    Kai is now the age Matthew was when we adopted him. Can you imagine asking Kai to move into a different family and never see you again, and move countries, climates, and languages? Gives you an idea of what it was like for Matthew.
    Matthew LOVED the dishwasher unloading, right from day #1. He also loved it when I put on kids' music and we danced together. We had blocks and mega legos...he liked the blocks but couldn't do the mega legos until about 19 months.
    I also taught him how to wash the mirrors with a cloth and some vinegar water (supervised, of course!). He loved that. And sweeping.
    Play food is great for this age, especially with a kids' kitchen. They like to mimic us and we do so much activity surrounding food.
    How about swimming lessons once a week? That might tire him out AND entertain him!