Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kai's Amazing Alphabet Adventure

I bought Kai a book that shows his picture on every page as it goes through the alphabet. His name, birthday, and hometown also show up throughout. It's kind of cheesy and maybe a little overpriced but I thought it would be a fun Christmas gift.

The is the `Z' page where Kai, the zoologist, is feeding a zebra and holding a zucchini!

Here, on the `Q' page, Kai is a quarterback with quails listening in on the play.
I hope he likes it, I think its cute! I also think he would make a great zoologist or quaterback...or both:)


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    That's the neatest thing ever! I know when we were kids our parents got each of us a book with our names in them and we were the main character and went on the adventure, but this is much much cooler! I'm sure Kai will enjoy the book very much!

  2. ok...beth go here first, but ya...this is SO cool, b/c like she said, we had a similar book, and it's just totally cool as a kid to see your name and picture in a book! i agree...kai will probably love it!