Friday, February 10, 2017

For the Uncrafty Mom on Valentine's Day

It is fun to celebrate love and friendship with the upcoming Valentine's Day. I see people sharing their decor ideas, handmade cards and beautiful homemade treats. I get it; in the past I've done Valentine's Day photo sessions with my kids so that they could hand out personalized cards. Unfortunately creativity is not my forte so I just end up feeling frustrated while looking through Instagram and Facebook. I know I could make these amazing things but I don't want to. I have to check myself. Will I enjoy going out to buy these craft items and assembling them with my kids? Nope. Do my kids actually care about anything other than candy? Nope. Well, Nya does care about all things pink and sparkly so I'll make sure to add some glitter to her day. Exhale. Still a good mom.

As with anything on social media there is a fine line between inspired and defeated.

Maybe it's because I'm in this winter funk that I risk dealing with the defeated feeling more. Often when I check out social media I have to have a good talk with myself. "Louise, when you were a kid, what did Valentine's Day look like? Just a card. You enjoyed writing out everyone's names. You liked assigning each message to a specific person. You loved seeing what each card said. That was enough and it still is. Do other people enjoy being crafty? Yes. Let them do their crafty thing and have fun with it!" You get the point, I'm just working it out. By the way, other people talk to themselves all day long, right?

On the 14th I hope to give the kids some heart-shaped treats (because food seems to be one of their love languages) and Gary will get a special card along with some chocolates, well, if there are any left as he already found them.

My encouragement to all, whether crafty or not, is that we continue to be conscious of how loved our kids/friends/partners are feeling each and every day.

I don't say this in a know-it-all way, I say it in a my-kids-and-I-have-had-a-rough-year kind of way. I have really had to reflect on this a lot when dealing with different personalities and situations. Is their "love tank" full? Do they feel heard? Do they know my love is unconditional? And then conversely: Are they showing love and appreciation to others?

We often get caught up in all the things we supposedly need and "have to have" when really our needs are pretty basic. The things that matter most often cost nothing but require our effort in regards to time and energy. So clichè but life is short. We don't know how much time we have with each person. Make the time to let others know that they are loved every day and not just on Valentine's Day. I can feel overwhelmed with expectations and have to continually check in with myself. What really matters? I'm on it.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends.  I hope you feel loved and appreciated on the 14th and every day.


Are you feeling the pressure of making Valentine's Day extra special? Here's a reminder of what it's all about.


  1. Bethany11:36 AM

    I talk to myself all the time! It helps for me to talk things out especially if I'm feeling anxious about something and there's no one else around to talk to about it. Also, I'd say I'm a pretty crafty/creative person, but also can't always be bothered to do the 'crafty' thing due to time or motivation. I think what you say in a card is more important that what the card looks like.

    1. I think it is an anxiety type thing too! You are crafty but I agree--words are more important!

  2. Love this- such a good reminder for me not just for Valentine's but all the time!

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I am not crafty at all and could care less haha! Thankfully Valentines Day here is not like back home. Kids don't share valentine cards... Ive actually never seen them for sale here, its great in my opinion. I did get Barney a card and some brie cheese and will cook him a special dinner. The kids will get cuddles and kisses :) Like you said, its more that just stuff. It's a daily practice of loving each other and making sure that the boys know it :)
    Lynn W.

    1. I find that so interesting, Lynn! Gary just came home with Brie cheese too 😉