Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Community resources. Friends, in any situation you find yourself in whether it's the loss of a loved one, anxiety, a child with special needs...anything, ask around and find resources. Fortunately we live in a large city so it has a lot to offer. We, as a family, have been able to find so many resources (classes, therapy, tips etc) that have been very helpful.

2. Pink Shirt Day. I love that this is a day where they talk about bullying and being kind to all. It's so easy to be a part of it (the boys' shirts are from VV where I spent $1 on them so they can wear them for several years). I'm thankful that my kids have all had great experiences in school so far both in how they've been treated and how they have treated far as I know. I pray that it continues to be a safe place for them.

3. Library books. I appreciate that when someone recommends a book I can just get it from the library! Reading this one now...

4. Saving money...oh and energy. We've been part of Team Power Smart for a few years. They have incentives (get $50 if you reduce your energy usage by 10% for a year) and it's made us think more about our energy usage and put a little money in our pockets!

5. Other foster parents. This week I reached out to two other foster moms to talk about how lost I feel moving forward. Gary and I now have a plan. Our Little one leaves in just over a week and then we will take March off (to travel and process) and then provide relief care which is helping out other foster parents. In the Spring I will take the Safe Babies course so that we have the potential of welcoming a baby (Gary will also have to take a portion of it for now). Lack of sleep is a big fear of mine but we will take it step by step as there is such a a need right now. In August we will open our room again to another child. 

6. The snow being gone? It may come back. All I know is I don't care how yucky it is because we're outta here! Well, soon. I'm very giddy about our upcoming vacation to the Caribbean!

7. Avocados on sale! I can't buy them for $1 each but they were on sale at our local grocery store for $0.50 each and we stocked up :)

8. Subbing once a week. I am so thankful for this opportunity! It allows me to pay for the kids education and keeps me doing my "teacher thing" once a week. It works very well for our family and I hope to continue to make it work down the road. 

9. Switched at Birth. It's the Netflix series I'm watching while working out each morning (30 minutes on the treadmill) and I love it. I've been working on my ASL for over a year now so it's fun to learn while watching.

10. Gary. He works hard and supports me 100% in all I do. We like hanging out together and that is a good thing! 

All right, friends! I'd love to hear ONE THING you are thankful for today :)



  1. $0.50 avocados?! Awesome!!
    Oh man I wish I was headed somewhere warm and sunny in a month...

    1. I like having a guilt-free avocado every morning with my eggs :) You get a cute newborn to cuddle, that's pretty awesome too ;)

  2. I really enjoy your Thankful Thursday posts.

    I felt you should know.

    Holy guacamole! Fifty cent avocados are unheard of! Amazing! I would be avocado-ing all the foods.

    1. Thank you for commenting :) We are definitely avocado-ing it up!