Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa is a place that we go to every year–it's tradition! We've been in every season and there's something especially fun about being in the hot springs pool with snow all around. We go for a quick one night getaway and it's long enough to rejuvenate us and feel like we truly did relax. What do we do while we are there?

We usually walk around the smaller lake and then spend some time at the two playgrounds. It's a fifteen minute walk and so the kids don't feel like I'm making them hike. In the summertime, the small lake is a great place to swim and play! Check in is at 4 PM but we've always been able to get in by around 1 PM–if not, you are always welcome to use the pools.

The pools are the biggest reason we go to Harrison. The indoor pool and hot tub is open at 5AM which is great for our family because we're up at 6 AM (not my choice). The outdoor pool is open at 8 AM and we're always the first ones in. One of my favourite things to do is to swim at night under the stars; we went as a family and it was beautiful.

All of our kids loves swimming so it's a great getaway for us. The outdoor pool is not deep either so I don't need to worry about the boys and we put Nya in a floatie. They practiced their snorkeling skills and enjoyed a few rounds of Marco Polo. If a pool full of kids is not your thing, there is an adult only pool as well.

A highlight for the kids is tea and cookies time from 4-4:30 PM.  It's great little snack that's included in your stay. Feel free to show up in your robe, everyone does it!

As per tradition, we go to Village Pizzeria for dinner.  They have a large pizza for $22 and we just get one and have a lot of snacks and treats in our room (there is a bar fridge too). We keep costs down by bringing our own breakfast too. There are many places to eat but we like to save money where we can–especially with a family of five that eats a lot!

In the past we have had the family suite which I love because it has two rooms. This time we had two queen beds and then one kid ended up sleeping in the walk in closet (which is where we used to put the playpen when Nya was little). We just brought a Thermarest and sleeping bag from home...the joys have of having three kids when almost every hotel room is built for a family of four.

Thankful for another stay at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa.  It's close enough that it just takes about an hour to get there but far enough that it feels like a real getaway. This summer we are planning a road trip through southeastern BC to visit various hot springs.  I'd love your recommendations on this!



  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Aisnworth hot springs are amazing!!

  2. We stayed at Halcyon Hot Springs and loved it! Kids were 6&8 at the time. Didn't have a full kitchen, I think there was a microwave, but we did have the use of a bbq. If you can be creative, there's a way to feed your family. We brought our food and snacks and never ate at the restaurant to cut the cost. We were in the pools all day. We would love to go back and actually stay a night or two in each of the hot springs in the area but the 8 hour drive is pretty long. You must visit the Enchanted Forest. The kids will love it there.