Saturday, February 18, 2017

Family Movie Night with Netflix

I love the tradition of movie nights. When we were kids, we also had them but they involved a lot more work. We had to go to the local video store and rent a VHS (stands for video home system in case you were wondering) that they had to have in stock and also a VCR to play it. Now, we sit on our couch, click on Netflix, search movies, and away we go. 

I enjoy these times together because it's cheap entertainment and we always ended up cuddled on the couch by the end of it. Here's a one minute video of our latest movie night: The Muppets. All three kids enjoyed it which isn't always the case based on their interests and ages.

Some movies that stand out from when I was a kid were The Adventures of the Wilderness Family, Herbie, The Man from Snowy River, The Princess Bride, and ET (can you believe Gary has never seen ET?). The very first DVD that we bought was Free Willy, oh were we fancy then!  Do you have memories of movie nights? What was the first DVD your family owned? 

For now our kids are still eager to hang out with us and watch movies so I will savour this family time. I think it helps that there is always food involved; our movie nights involve either popcorn or pizza...


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  1. It's funny that you mention "Adventures of the Wilderness Family" because those are the favourite movies that popped into my head when I read your question on FB, before I read the full blog entry. I think I'd still love those movies! I watched ET at the theatre with my grandparents, and I don't think my grandpa liked it very much!!

    1. I love that you used to watch it too! As for ET, I can see why your grandpa didn't like it--my sister had nightmares for years because of it!

  2. Love the video by the way- making amazing memories. As my grandpa used to say "they can never take away from us what we've already had!"

    1. From what I've heard about your grandparents (from you), they sound pretty awesome. Great advice.