Monday, January 16, 2017

Where We Netflix

We love having Netflix in our home because of it's portability, affordability, the lack of commercials and the variety of shows offering something for everyone. We're a family that does not have a lot of screen time, but do appreciate a good show each day.  

What are some great times to use Netflix? From exercising to travel, it's got you covered!

Where and when does most of our Netflix-ing happen? 

1.  Making dinner. I love having something like Friends on–I don't need to pay close attention and it keeps me entertained while doing something I don't really enjoy.

2. On the treadmill.  A major incentive to spending time on the treadmill is being able to watch an episode of whatever series I'm into (right now it's Switched at Birth). I use headphones so that I can hear it well and try to do this 3-5 times a week.

3.  The "Bedtime Show". Nya is allowed to watch one Netflix show before bed and she always chooses My Little Pony. She has to have her pj's on first and does so happily. I know some people do not recommend screen time before bed but it works well for her as our home is quite busy and loud.

4.  When we're sick. I recently had the flu and was so exhausted. I spent about 3 days straight on the couch and in bed. It was too tiring to read but I could watch Netflix.

5.  In the van. This is something we try not to do often but with the download option, we have a few SpongeBob episodes ready to go. If we are travelling over an hour or I have the four in the van on my own, I will give Koen my iPad mini and there is silence from his section.

6.  9 PM on our couch. Gary and I choose a series that we can watch together–the latest one was Marvel's Luke Cage and now we've started The OA (just watched the first episode).

I'm curious what our "Netflix-ing" will look like as the kids get older but for now we have quite a bit of control over what, where and when they watch. How do you use Netflix in your home?


{I am on the Netflix #streamteam which means I receive certain perks for posting about Netflix. All opinions are my own.}

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