Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grouse Mountain with the Kids

Several weeks ago we bought an annual family pass to Grouse Mountain. Gary and I had an amazing snowhoeing date and with sunny skies this weekend we decided to go up with the kids. I was nervous that it would be too cold or that they would be tired of the snow due to the fact that we've had it around for about a month now. We were pleasantly suprised with their positive attitudes and how easily they were entertained!  

There are activities for the kids on the mountain aside from the skiing such as sledding and skating but we didn't even get to them.  We played in the Light Walk area where the kids just climbed hills and did penguin slides down.  They made snow angels and wrote their name in the snow.  There was ample wrestling, runnning and rolling.  We did do the sleigh ride and will have to hit up the sliding area and skating next time we go!  The highlight for several of the kids was the gondola (if you're claustrophobic, watch out--they pack you in!) and I just loved that we experienced sunshine and warmth.  

Here are some photos from our day...

If you are thinking of going up on the weekend, I recommend going early.  We arrived at 9:30 AM and got one of the last parking spots.  They do have other parking but you need to take a shuttle from those lots and that isn't something I wanted to do with the kids. Always check the weather because it's not worth it to go up on a very windy day. Finally, bring snacks! I went to buy some lunch and the lines were quite long so we just ate our packed snacks and went home for lunch. I found out that they do have Beaver Tails so we'll have to get some next time. We hope to go up next weekend if it's not raining as the kids would love to do some skating.  Gary and I are also planning on sneaking in one more snowshoeing date this month.

Next year we hope to get our kids into skiing lessons so if you have any advise on local mountains and ski programs, please let me know!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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