Monday, January 02, 2017

Snowshoeing Date on Grouse Mountain

Gary and I had an adventure date planned as my Christmas gift to him.  Normally we go snowshoeing first thing in the morning (which I do recommend safety wise) but in order to experience the Light Walk we went up in the afternoon.  I had never been snowshoeing at Grouse Mountain and we decided to make the most of it by getting a family annual pass that was on sale so that we can do the Peak of Christmas with the kids next December.  Also, my hope is to do some hiking there in the summer and the Grouse Grind a time or two.

It took about an hour to get our pass printed and then get up the mountain so by that time we were more than ready to hit the trails!  We picked up a map and started out on the Blue Grouse Loop and made our way up Dam Mountain to the top of the Snowshoe Grind. I didn't realize you could actually time yourself like the Grouse Grind–will have to do it again!

The day was so clear and sunny and I'm so thankful for all the views that we witnessed.  The first half hour of snowshoeing was relatively flat and easy.  If you just did the Whistler Water Way trail, you would have gorgeous scenery.

At this point, we were 3/4 of the way up the mountain but had the steepest section ahead.  I wasn't sure if we'd make it to the top by 4:15 PM to see the sunset and yet have enough time to make it down before it got dark.  We were prepared with a headlamp but I still err on the cautious side.

I didn't know how much further it was but reports from those coming down said 15-30 minutes so we decided to go for it.

The last portion was quite steep so I sent Gary ahead to take photos and I arrived about a minute behind him.  The sunset was incredible; look where we live! I love beautiful B.C.

We just spent a couple of minutes at the top as it was very windy and cold and I didn't want to be out there in the dark.  At this point, you can slide down the trail using your snowshoes as brakes or run down if you're brave.  I did a combination.

The walk/run/slide back was so breath-taking.  I will definitely do this trail again and likely add the Dam Mountain Loop and Discovery Loop if we start early in the day.

We ended up back near the Chalet with the Light Walk.  It was pretty but nature's lights that we had just seen were more amazing.

The light tunnel was a lot smaller than I anticipated but still great for a photo opp.

Later this year we will take our kids up, on a warmer day, to experience the Peak of Christmas with ice skating, showshoeing, and a sleigh ride.

As we were preparing to head down, Grouse Mountain was experiencing a major windstorm and the power went out delaying our ride down.  It was painfully cold waiting in the line for the gondola so make sure you are always prepared for all conditions. 

Have you been up to the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain? Have you snowshoed up there? 


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Want to plan a snowshoeing date on Grouse Mountain in BC? It's worth it!

{What should you take when you go snowshoeing?  Waterproof layers, gloves, toque, snack, water, headlamp/light, phone/camera, and map.  Poles and gators are optional.  Always make sure that someone knows where you are going and your estimated time of return.}


  1. SOOOOOO beautiful!!! We were up there in March? April? with my parents. WE did ice skating, the sleigh ride, sledding and snowshoeing. I think Alf and I agreed we could enjoy more snowshoeing, but just seems so pricey to get up to Grouse! We didn't get to the peak, but I do recognize some spots on that trail. So amazing!

    1. It was the perfect evening (until the windstorm). I'm hoping the kids will enjoy it when we go up as a family! It is so pricey...that's why we got the family pass. $180/year. Hope to go up a few times!