Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fort Langley National Historic Site with the Parks Canada Discovery Pass

This year we celebrate Canada's 150th birthday which means that all National Parks are free to enter with your Parks Canada Discovery Pass. We decided to check out Fort Langley National Historic Site as it is local to us. The Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post was built in 1827 and was used for fur trading, shipping cranberries and salted salmon, and as a provisioning post with the gold rush of 1858. 

History is not my forte (ha ha) but I am still interested in hearing what it used to be like living and working in various communities–especially ones so close to home! It reminded me a lot of our trip to Barkerville this summer although the Fort Langley National Historic Site is a lot smaller and therefore can be done in two hours. 

It was raining but it didn't bother us as there were tents and buildings everywhere to explore so there wasn't a lot of outdoor time. The next time it's raining and you're wondering what to do, head to the Fort!

While Kai could read a lot of the information, there were many hands-on activities for the younger ones. We visited the cooperage (where they built barrels) and blacksmith and continued in a circular direction around the Fort.

It was interesting to see all of the various furs as they were labelled.  Nya just learned about Canada's national animal, the beaver, this past week at preschool so here she is actually feeling it's fur.

{Gary demonstrating how they carried the furs}

The kids learned how they would pack all of the furs into these bales by using a fur press to make them into 90 lb squares.

We learned about beading with porcupine quills and even got to touch the quill to feel the barbs in it.

There are rooms to explore inside the buildings and the boys thought the gun in the bedroom was pretty cool.

There was live music in the Big House.  You can also see all the Canadian Geese hanging from the rafters.

The kids checked out the gold panning supplies and tried to find some gold amongst the gravel.

All three kids decided to make a maple syrup popsicle ($3 each) and that was Koen's highlight by far.

If you live in the area and have a couple hours free, stop by the Fort Langley National Historic Site–especially now that it's free! They do have special events throughout the year so we'll have to check it out again. Have you been?



  1. We were there yesterday for 'vive les voyager' since I decided not to pay for Seth's field trip when we could go for free😄

  2. Looks like you had the place to yourselves!

    1. It does look like it! Everyone was in the buildings because of the rain :) But yes, no big crowds.

  3. I remember going here on a field trip - maybe grade 4? Never occurred to me that this would be included for the Discovery Pass, we'll go this summer!