Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I will apologize in advance that most of my thankful items and photos are taken from our main living area. I did not venture far this week because I had the flu and it was freezing cold and super icy outside. No, I did not get a flu shot but I did get it for two of my four kids. I'm feeling the pull towards depression right now due to life (flu, weather, Gary has basketball like 12/14 days in a row, busy schedule etc) so I'm really hoping that now that I'm starting to feel physically better I can put more self-care into action!

This week I am thankful for:

1. Family dinners.  Yes, Gary is coaching a lot of basketball now but he is often able to come home for dinner before or after his game or practice. This time is so important to me and generally a very positive experience.  Normally Gary would be at the other end of the table and our Little One where Gary is sitting...if you care ;)

2. A calm-ish child.  Nya does not need as much activity as the boys. If I let her she would watch TV all day. She isn't big into crafts but definitely colours and draws more than the boys ever did. This past week I introduced her to some simple math equations and she got it right away and LOVED it. When I ask her what sort of activity she wants to work on, she chooses math. Her brothers excel in this area so I am curious if she will follow their lead. 

3. A meal!  When I was sick my friend Lynette offered to make a meal and I said "yes". I'm terrible at accepting help but I have been so tired trying to recover. She delivered a delicious hamburger soup with buns that my kids devoured. Thank you, Auntie Lynette!

4. Decluttering. Big Brother is coming today to pick up items from our home so I spent a day decluttering and have two big garbage bags of clothes, books, and shoes. I also went through all of our colouring supplies and recycled 15 colouring books and threw out many used up markers. 

5. Netflix.  When Gary was home, I spent a lot of time in my room resting and watching "Switched at Birth".  When he went to work, I moved down to the couch and parented from there while the kids watched too much TV too.

6.  Swimming lessons. Over the Christmas break I put all the kids in lessons. Going into it they were all dreading it and once it was done they all wanted to keep going?! I decided to just put Nya in again as I can do it while they are in school. She is loving it.

7.  TV to enterain my kids. Dare I say that the only time they are not at risk at hurting one another is when they are happily watching a sports game, Netflix or YouTube, so while I was sick, they were able to go to town...

8. Easy dinners. With Gary not at last night's dinner, I made what the kids love and Gary could have leftovers from the fridge. Done. Yes, my kids still all use kids plates because they are the ones setting the table and I don't want nice dishes broken. Well, not that I have any nice dishes...

9. A new book to read. It is called "A Monster Calls" and so far I do not love it but it came highly recommended (and should make me cry!) so I'll keep going!

10. Warmer weather. Oh, it's coming. Next week is ABOVE ZERO!!! Yeehaw. Can't wait. I will run in that rain. 

So ya, a very boring week for me but still some things to be thankful for.  Oh wait, I should say I AM SO THANKFUL THAT NO ONE ELSE GOT SICK! But, dare I say that? I dare. I hope you had a good week. 



  1. Oh how I love decluttering!! Sorry you've been so sick :( what a relief that no one else has gotten it!
    Also, I still always sit in "my spot" whenever I'm at my parents kitchen table :)

  2. I love decluttering too!

    Also, really random, but our fireplace is the EXACT same as yours (except we've only used it once or twice because it's too risky with super young kids)...but want to know what annoys me about it?!?! The top centre tile around the edge of it (the one cut at an angle on both sides)...has each side cut at a different angle, and it's so obvious. Drives the perfectionist in me bonkers. Rant over. :)

    1. We only use the fireplace if our Little One isn't around...super hot! Okay, I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to the tile. Will take a look at mine now.

  3. #3. I hear you. I was hoping for this to happen to me this week. It didn't, and that's ok (thankful for leftover corn dogs from new years in the freezer, and that I had prepped a huge salad for my lunches for the week, so it was super easy), but it's a good reminder to be the one offering when someone else is down and out. FOOD IS LOVE :)
    #4. My fave. I love decluttering, and I did our coloring books/utensils recently too!
    #8. How do they fit enough food on there? I couldn't use kid plates simply because there's not enough room for the food they eat! :D
    #10. I am so sad the weather is warming up next week. I LOVE this cold weather (except right now when it burns all of my innards stepping outside). I miss running in it and am afraid I won't get one wintry/cold run in this year :(

    Glad you're on the mend - I am hoping my family doesn't get my flu either!!

    1. Food IS love. I hope to be better at this once life calms down. If ever. My kids have several servings for sure and usually the boys have another very large snack an hour later. Kai normally has a regular adult plate but I let our Little One set the table :)

    2. HOpe you feel better soon! I never ran with this weather because our sidewalks are so icy still so I need to run on the roads but our neighbourhood is STILL an ice rink! I don't mind the temperature, it's just not safe.