Monday, November 14, 2016

The Essential Adventure Jacket for Kids

When looking for a jacket, whether for myself or my kids, there are a few key components that are a must: waterproof, breathable, and comfortable.  The Helly Hansen award winning Jr Loke Packable Jacket was tried out by two of my kids who each have different concerns over what they would like in a jacket–it was a win!

Kai, aged 10, needs something that he can be highly active in.  He spends his recess time at school playing soccer and hockey and appreciates something light and easy to move in.  His other main concern with coats in the past was that the material was not comfortable enough; the Jr. Loke Jacket is 100% polyamide and is softer than waterproof jackets he has worn in the past.  This material is used in sportswear for ultimate strength and durability.

The greatest difference that I noticed about this jacket compared to others is how lightweight it is–this would be ideal for backpacking as it can pack into it's own pocket (hence it's name "Jr Loke Packable Jacket").  The hood is removable which would also reduce it's size and weight even more.  

The sleeve and hood are elasticated to aid with fit and keeping dry and the base has an elastic adjustment cord.   I was very happy with the sizing as Kai is a size 10 and yet the jacket would fit from ages 9 to 11 comfortably–that's three years of use before passing it down to his brother.

For Nya, aged 4, she wants a jacket that looks "pretty" and has zippered pockets for her treasures.  She appreciates when the hood stays on when she's zooming around and that the jacket has a comfortable fit so that she can fit her twirly dresses and layered fleece underneath.   

The Loke Jacket has a Durable Water Repellancy (DWR) treatment and is fully seam sealed so I know she is going to stay dry and comfortable.  The top of the zipper is covered so it won't bother her neck–love that little detail.

Nya is wearing a size 4 here and you can see that there is room for her big dress underneath and the sleeves are a great length.  It will fit her for another year for sure.

If you are looking for a rain jacket that can provide all-year-round comfort for every activity, this is a practical choice. I can't wait to pack these on our next backpacking trip!

For your little (or not-so-little) adventurer this fully waterproof yet breathable jacket will leave you feeling confident that your child is protected from the rain and fully able to do their activities without restriction.

Happy adventuring, friends!


{I was provided with these Jr. Loke Jackets in order to provide this review.  Awesome, right? Opinions are my own.}


  1. Finding a good jacket that can withstand the weather and still looks nice is SURPRISINGLY hard!

    1. Totally! Nya loves it which is a win :)

  2. we love Helly Hansen gear for our family as well! Such great quality and they always stay dry and warm on our cold and wet adventures here in BC!

  3. A jacket with pockets to store things is a big MUST in our house, the girls love carrying things in their pockets when we leave the house or finding things to store along the way:)

    1. Totally, right? Gotta keep those treasures safe!