Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  A great morning to explore Lynn Canyon.  We've done Capilano Suspension bridge numerous times and just down the road is Lynn Canyon (free) that is also so gorgeous to explore.  One of my top five values is outdoor adventure so I'm so glad that I live where I do.

2.  A supportive partner. "Hey Gary, can you watch all four kids so I can take photos?" We're definitely feeling our age these days but I'm glad that we can be old-feeling together.

3. Four very different kids.  It keeps me humble, that's for sure. Also, so thankful for opportunities like this one to test out awesome jackets!

4.  My "Welcome Home" sign maker.  She made a new sign for Gary every single day.

5.  Running in the last MEC Langley race of the season. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like I'm in the lead.  It was just the first 500 m.  This was the point where I saw that Gary and the kids had come to surprise me as I was running of the first hill!  It was my slowest run but I still did okay placement wise so I'm assuming most people were a bit slower with the hills/wind/rain. 

6.  My cheerleaders.  Koen was so proud of the sign, the two Littles were cheering loudly and Kai was counting to see what place I was in ;) 

7.  Hanging out with Leah.  We went to the Sky Hangar for the Sweet Christmas Market–fun way to spend an hour!

8. Cooking class with Bella Cibo.   I don't love cooking but getting together with some friends and learning some new techniques (and sampling the goods!) with a sweet Italian teacher/chef was a great way to spend the evening.   Classes are $35 and you sample the food throughout the evening and take some home!  You can check out Marzia's Facebook page for me info here.

9. Gilmore Girls!  In 8 more days the new series will be released.  I've watched every season over the past year except for the very last episode which I've been saving for this weekend :) 

10.  Being a mostly stay-at-home-mom. I was so frustrated when Koen woke up sick yesterday but at least I wasn't missing out on a day of work.  In case you think it's sounds selfish that I was more frustrated than sad that he was sick, just know that at this stage of the game with four kids, when one gets sick it's a bit of a logistical nightmare--especially when your husband has Parent Teacher Conferences until 9 pm at night and you still have to drop off/pick up the others. Nya's been on puffers for a good week now too.  Fun times, yo.  

All right, so that didn't sound so thankful at the end.  I hope you are having a good week and please let me know something that you are thankful for today :)



  1. Never a good sign when the "the bucket" is on the floor beside the couch! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. I noticed "the bucket" too! Yuck. To this day I can't drink apple juice because it reminds me of being sick on the couch with a bucket. Hope those two are feeling better and that it didn't spread to the rest of you!

  3. I'm thankful to hang out with you too! And for my new cozy sweatshirt :)