Friday, November 25, 2016

Enchant Christmas: What to Know

Last night we experienced the opening night of Enchant Christmas–the world's largest light maze.  It is located in Vancouver, by the Cambie Street Bridge, and open until New Years Eve as I've written about here.  Included on the grounds is the 55,000 square foot maze, Christmas market, food trucks, and a giant fire pit.  

If you are going to Enchant Christmas, these are the things that I would recommend to you:

1.  Find Santa in the maze!  He's super friendly and posed in photos with everyone and anyone.

2.  Get the kids to find all 9 of the reindeer!  There is a playing card to get stamped at each reindeer inside the maze.  Note that this didn't work very well in the rain.

3.  Take a photo in the hanging lights.  This section and the light tunnel were my favourite.  The maze is more of a giant light display that you walk around as there are emergency exits everywhere. Please be careful in this section as swinging lights can end up in your eye, pulling your hair or scratching your skin if you are not cautious (or have a wild kid swinging lights next to you). 

4.  Play in the "snow".  My kids loved this even though they were completely covered in foam.

5.  Dress warmly.  We wore winter coats, boots, and should have brought umbrellas.  I was worried that umbrellas would not work in the maze but there was a lot of room to move around. Or, just don't go on a rainy night!

6.  It is a special Christmas event that you can do once.  A family pass is $59.95 which is quite a bit for our family.  We don't usually spend a lot on Christmas activities but if you normally do and are looking to try something different, this is a unique one to check out.  Our kids truly enjoyed themselves.  If Nya (aged 4) was there she would have found it all very beautiful.  It would be nice for a special date night too–a lot of food trucks available for a great meal! Again, I do believe it is overpriced.

7.  Bring an all terrain stroller, or better yet, no stroller.  The base of the entire place is bark mulch and gravel which can be difficult to push a stroller on.  I don't think this would be very wheelchair-friendly. 

8. Grab a warm drink from The Local Chemist and wander the market.  I had a hot chocolate with whipped cream and peppermint pieces on top which the kids loved. No photo because it was devoured. Oh, and the kids had mini donuts which is always a good thing.

9.  There are bathrooms available but they are porta potties.  And they are in the dark. Maybe don't drink too much hot chocolate. 

So there you have it! It's fun to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Are you planning on going this holiday season?


PS We went on a media night with only 1,000 people, other nights are expected to have many more so anticipate long line ups!


  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Awesome, going on Saturday with kids, thanks for the tips