Monday, November 21, 2016

CozyBag™ Inflatable Hammock {Review}

When I first heard about the CozyBag™ I thought it looked so comfortable but couldn't imagine where I would store it.  I quickly learned that it only takes 10 seconds to inflate–without a pump–and is just 2.5 lbs and can be stored in a small bag.  Problem solved.  This inflatable hammock is a product that we can leave in our van for our day hikes and adventures as it is suitable for all terrain–it even floats!  We bring our regular hammock with us when we go camping every time but it's completely dependent on the presence of trees at a decent distance apart in our campsite so this is a great alternative and we can bring both so even more people can relax. 

The CozyBag™ comes with a carrying bag and is very light to carry.  For someone like me who has a hard time just folding a map back up correctly, do not fear, you'll get it back in the bag easily!

The CozyBag™ has two inflatable sleeves.  You just open the sleeve and move it forward to fill one side and then open the other side and do the same.  Fold up that end and clip it together, just like the video here

This inflatable air hammock is made from 100% Polyurethane-Coated Ripstop Nylon material which is the same material used to make military grade parachutes–pretty durable sounding, right?   The polyurethane makes it water resistant and protects it from UV light.

{It can be longer, I folded up the end a few times more than I needed to.}

It is family-friendly because it can hold up to 500 lbs!  Gary and Nya loved cuddling in it and each of the boys loved having a turn too.  I have thought of inflating it in our home for movie nights as Koen loves being in a comfy spot like this.

It has a side pouch and cup holder as well as the securing loop for windy days (with a ground stake included).  There are six different colours available and they currently have a deal on 3 or more if you are looking for Christmas gifts!  The CozyBag™, based out of Victoria, B.C., is $79.00 and has a $15 shipping fee within Canada.

I look forward to seeing what adventures our CozyBag™ will be a part of!  Where would you use it?


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  1. It is, $59 at Mercuri stores in Montreal, Canada and no shipping fee. However, Polyeurethane is toxic.