Friday, May 06, 2016

VeggieTales in the House, Yo

For years our kids have been watching VeggieTales.  Netflix has VeggieTales in the House, a Netflix original series that is faith-based, follows Bob the Tomato,  Larry the Cucumber and all their friends on various adventures where they learn important life lessons.  Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix which means there are about 40 different episodes to watch.  Before I continue, I need to point out that anything that has a seed (Bob the Tomato!  Jimmy and Jerry Gourd!) is technically a fruit so it should probably be called Fruit and Veggie Tales.!

Here are five reasons I love it when they they choose VeggieTales in the House to watch:

1.  It's great for all ages.  My kids are ages 3, 7 and 9 and they all still watch VeggieTales. A lot of the jokes go over my three-year-old's head but she loves the visuals and songs.  The older two definitely catch a lot more of the humour and dialogue.

2.  It has great life lessons in a fun and amusing format.  What a great way to talk about issues like responsibility, being yourself, manners, and treating others with kindness.  Parents will be amused with references to pop culture, too.  Just don't get obsessed with the fact that they are doing so much without any hands–objects just float around them and it drives me crazy.

3.  It's completely safe for them to watch.  I'm not worried about inappropriate language or it being too scary for my kids. I do have some friend with more sensitive kids and they do find some parts overwhelming.

4. That catchy opening tune.  "Broccoli! Celery! Gotta be!..." Can't. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Mind.  Every episode has a brand new song in it to keep it fun and my kids laugh the whole way through.

5.  It creates great inside jokes for the whole family.  Or just my two boys – they seriously giggle the whole way through.  I don't know who Loofie is (I can't find him on google) but that's supposed to be the sock puppet's name in Lessons From the Sock Drawer and it makes them laugh hysterically. *edited to add: A reader solved the problem! His name is Lutfie*

Netflix has a few other family-friendly recommendations for shows to watch to talk about important issues, here are some:

Puffin Rock: Season 1 Episode 6: Following the Rules.

Puss In Boots: Season 1 Episode 13: Self-love. 

The Hive: Season 1 Episode 1: Sibling Rivalry

I do think that watching the original Full House series would be good for talking about life lessons with my boys, that's what my parents used with us!  Have your kids watched VeggieTales in the House?  If so, what's their favourite episode?

Have a great weekend, friends.


{I am so happy to be part of the Canada Netflix #StreamTeam and opinions are my own!}


  1. Hannah loves veggie tales , she thinks its hilarious that cucumbers can talk ;)

    1. I love that it's so entertaining :) I wish we had it when we were kids!