Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Time to practice some gratitude once again!  This week I am thankful for:

1. Sidewalks.  We don't have much of a yard but boy do our kids love racing their little pedal bikes up and down the sidewalk! Normally she wears a helmet.

2. A husband who is great at helping with hands-on school projects.  He may have allowed Kai to use a saw to cut the pipes to make this musical instrument.

3.  The sweetness that is a 3-year-old Mother's Day tea party

4.  A fabulous family getaway.  Totally spoiled.  It was perfect (well, along with regular meltdowns from one kid at a time) and I can't wait for this summer.

5.  A new hike to try out: Nairn Falls.  We did it on our weekend in Whistler and it took about an hour.  I think in order to keep hiking "fun" for our family, I need to keep it at about this level when we do our road trip around B.C.

6.  Kai.  I love this kid so much. It's not easy being nine, or the oldest, or competitive, or....just so many factors.  I love talking with him.

7. Allergy testing for Koen.  I was disappointed that he was only tested for environmental factors and wished they had done food as well.  It drives me bananas that doctors and naturopaths don't get along a little bit more.   I believe at this point that the reason he is stuffed up every day of the year is due to his adenoids (although he did show allergies to birch, alder and grass as well.)

8. Our trampoline.  Okay, and this girl. Seriously, she brings me so much joy. 

9.  People willing to share their stories.  This week's Sunday writer shared something so intimate.  Brene Brown says "We are all capable of turning the pain caused by shame into courage, compassion and connection" and I truly believe that our stories can show others that they are not alone and we can suffer/feel with them.  If you missed it, you can read her story here.  I know, it's a tricky one to comment on but she would appreciate being heard (who wouldn't?!) 

10. When I posed the question "What is the last thing you googled?" on Facebook, I loved the results!  I learned about a new documentary to watch (The Barkely Marathons on Netflix), how old Pat Sajak was, and got the idea for cauliflower popcorn.  I'm definitely going to do this once a week!  Make sure you are following along on Facebook :) 

I hope you are having a great week.  Remember, you need to PRACTICE gratitude whether it comes naturally or not.  Share something you are thankful for here, out loud, written, or with someone you love. 



  1. We have a hands on project dad as well. Sometimes it makes me a little nervous, but things usually turn out just fine.

    1. Yay for hands-on. Seriously. I was not there for the saw usage!! Hope you are doing well, friend! Glad you're back on the TT train!

  2. Denise N11:45 AM

    I'm thankful for this beautiful weather, friends who have kids the same age as mine, and health to be able to enjoy this busy stage of life.

    1. Such good ones!! Having friends with kids in the same stage is crucial! And yes, yay for health :)

  3. Yes I want to watch that documentary too! Definitely on my list.. if I ever sit behind the TV long enough to watch it...! I have a hard time letting myself do that.

    I've had allergies for years... seasonal. It hits me from the minute I wake up and it's so much worse on days when the landscapers are here mowing lawn - I can tell before I even open my eyes that they are around! After living off aerius almost daily from april-september every year, this year I am trying bee pollen from the Honeybee Centre :) Will see how it goes!

    And... thankful for forests!! There is no other place that destreses me as well as the forest.

    1. Watch it! Or save it for when you're under the weather and need to sit :) I bought the bee pollen but we are terrible about using it. I love seeing your trail running posts :)