Monday, May 09, 2016

Our Weekend in Whistler {At the Fairmont}

Several months ago I won a trip to Whistler.  I probably enter to win a trip there once a week and was soooooo excited to win and  ecstatic with the timing.  It had to be used by the end of May and therefore we could do it Mother's Day Weekend with just the original five Chapmans!  The win included a two night stay for a family at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler and dinner, up to $300, at The Wildflower.  I love Whistler, it's very "us", but we hadn't been as a family in five years.  

We checked in Friday evening and were upgraded to a Deluxe mountain view room–it was incredible!  The kids immediately said "This is the best day ever!" and couldn't wait to head to the pool.  

Gary and I are celebrating our 11 year anniversary this month so they even left us some treats (and some for the kids!)  Seriously, the service was amazing.

We had a separate room for the kids and here they are trying out our bed!

We all got into our robes to check out the pools.  A three-year-old in a robe is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I spent most of my time in the hot tub because I don't really do pools anymore (I know, I'm a wimp) and the kids happily went from pool to hot tub.  We went swimming four times while we were there!  In the pool/fitness area they had flavoured waters, apples, sunscreen...anything you needed.  Loved it.  All three of our kids in one room doesn't lend itself to a good night sleep (Nya Chapman!) but finally by 9:30 pm, all was quiet.

The next day we went to Whistler Village which is about a 10 minute walk.  It is so picturesque.

The kids played at the playground for about an hour.  If you've ever been, you know the slide that they have there is unique and I had to try it.  Now I don't need to do it again. 

Had to get the family photo with the Olympic rings! 

We went for lunch at Milestones (we had a gift card from Gary's basketball team–so perfect!) and then went back to the pool to hang out.  It was so hot and this was the first vacation that I could just sit in a chair and watch the kids!  How did I not bring a book?!

Kai and Nya put on a routine which reminded me so much of my childhood!

Then we walked around Lost Lake which is about a one hour loop starting from the hotel.  Please know that at least one kid will complain about having to go on a walk– it is inevitable and is usually worked out in the first 20 minutes of the hike.  I won't say who the grumpy pants was on this one but it's always one...

This is a very simple walk and it's one we've done several times...I even have a childhood photo of our family posing on the dock in this lake when I was in grade 10!

We got back to the hotel and they had two hours to do whatever they wanted.

They chose to rest and watch a movie...this was the kid's room.

Then, we went for our dinner reservation at The Wildflower.  The kids played a little bocce outside the restaurant as they have a bunch of games set up there.

Do you know how strange it is to spend $300 at a restaurant when you normally try not to spend more than $50 as a family?  Gary and I got a cocktail each!  We had appetizers, entrees and dessert! It felt so strange but it felt really good to treat ourselves (and our server!) 

I had the lamb (sorry, vegetarians!) and Gary had the Scallop Carbonara. They were both delicious.

Our kids were relatively well behaved considering we didn't eat until 6:30 pm (we usually eat at 5:30 pm) and they were up until 9:30 pm the night before (they usually go to bed by 8 pm).

Kai really loved the experience and was so mature about it.  Nine-year-olds are so easy to have at a restaurant–or maybe it's just this one!

This was my dessert–a chocolate sundae.  It was so good and so filling.  I haven't had that much sugar in a long time but if you're going to have sugar, you might as well make it worth it!  Gary had the same thing.

We went for a short walk after dinner and then back up to our room.  Look at that sky, so gorgeous!  Gary and I had a soaker tub in our bathroom (yes, the kids had their own bathroom!) and so I used it, I can see why people enjoy baths so much!  

Can you see us out on the 8th floor in the photo below?  Such a wild view.  We are so thankful for the gift of this weekend, it was just what we needed–relaxation.  This was our first trip without our Little One and it was so calm.  We got to really spend some quality time with our kids and I was able to just "be" which is hard for me.  

The boys went for another swim in the morning while Nya and I packed up.  I was so impressed with the Fairmont as they went above and beyond and there were no hidden fees with our win, it was awesome.  

We drove 20 minutes towards Pemberton and hiked/walked Nairn Falls.  I had never done it before so was looking forward to new sights!

I was nervous with our younger two as the cliff is steep and the river is wild.  Gary held Nya's hand and I held Koen's for half of the walk.  It's just a 20 minute walk in each direction so Nya was able to do it all.

Nairn Falls!  So beautiful, right?  I won't tell you which child was grumpy on this hike but it was a different one than the previous day...always one!

Happy Mother's Day to me!  I am so incredibly thankful for this special weekend.  Mother's Day is hard for me and the weekend also included the anniversary of my mom's passing, oh, AND our Little One is transitioning home...that's a lot of emotions!  I loved our time away and it created fabulous memories for our family.  Thank you to the Fairmont...and Instagram :)

I cannot wait for the summer and more travelling and exploring with our family!  What is one of your favourite trips that you have done with your family (either as a child or now?)



  1. Love that you guys had this weekend away! So awesome - lots of great details that were a part of it. While I packed my camera with me to the village on Saturday, I didn't take it anywhere else, so I am much lower on pictures of my weekend up there. But anyway - great shots of a great family weekend! :)

    1. It was so great and I can't wait to read about yours!

  2. You document your vacations so well! So many beautiful pictures. Congratulations on another great win!! :)