Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Celebrating Nya's Fourth Birthday

This long weekend we celebrated Nya's fourth birthday.  We started out on Saturday by going to the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  We have an annual pass that is good until October and like to go about once a month.  It is a great place for our kids to run around as it's completely safe.  Our Little One was with us this weekend and is a major fan of the train so we were sure to ride that too (it's included in the pass.)  All four out of four kids were happy which was unusual and very appreciated!

{Oh, how they like the fake animals!}

In the afternoon we went to Crescent Beach for another friend's birthday.  It was great to hang out with a bunch of families at the beach and our Little One has never actually played on the beach before (when we went to Ucluelet it wasn't "jump in the ocean" type weather) and we'll have to go back based on the amount of sand and water LO tracked back into the van!

Sunday was Nya's actual birthday.  We went to church and prepped for her party.  We also walked to Tim Hortons to get a donut–she got a Long John. 

Nya requested that Gary make her cake and I make her cupcakes.  Gary made Hershey's Triple Chocolate Torte which was my mom's cake recipe growing up. 

On Monday I had the most magical morning.  The kids were quite (GASP!) and I read and had coffee in bed.  It was seriously one of the mornings I've had in years. Kai delivered this sweet note and we all had a late (okay, 8:30ish) breakfast that Gary and Kai prepared.

In the afternoon, we had family members come by for a birthday party.  It was quite low-key but we have a lot of family members!  The kids enjoyed decorating wands, playing Hide and Go Seek (the adults even had to hide at one point), and eating cake.

Seeing Nya's face when we sang to her was awesome.  She had been waiting so long for this day!

She loved opening presents and got some great crafty, colouring things that she loves. As soon as her party was done she asked "How many more days until I turn 5?" And so it begins...

Happy 4th birthday, Miss Nya. We love you so much.  We love your smile, sweet voice, encouragement, patience, and grace.  You are such a gift and we look forward to seeing you grow.  



  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend. What a sweet little birthday girl!

    1. It was a good weekend, Carol! It was nice to stick close to home but still get outside. Hope you had a good weekend too!

    2. Yes, we did - we were at our cottage along with our middle son and his wife, and had perfect weather and a good time together.

  2. Awww, so sweet! Those are amazing pictures. We haven't been to the zoo in quite a while but my girls love running along that railroad track too. I love how excited they are about birthdays at this age. We just finished our "birthday season" with my second turning six. :) So much fun. Thanks for sharing!