Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. A soon-to-be holiday! The one thing that I always "need" on the calendar is a holiday, it's the one thing that I really look forward to.  We are doing our usual Spring Break routine of Green Lake followed by Ucluelet and Tofino.

2.  Nya loving all things pink.  There is so much blue and dirt in our house, it's so nice to have some pink.  It never gets old! PS I got those Nine West shoes for $5 (secondhand) but am wondering if they are too pointy to wear?!

3. Our Koey.  He just finished Friday Nite Basketball and although he was disappointed that they just worked on skills and didn't play a basketball game, he gave it his all. Yes, that is pizza sauce all over his face.

4.  Cherry Blossoms.  They remind me of my mom because the last time I remember her being outside was in March under a cherry blossom tree.  They are beautiful but, oh man, my allergies!

5.  A good 5 km run.  I have been good about running 3 km's a couple of times a week as well as making sure I get my 10,000 steps per day.  I haven't really been ready to run 5 km's.  Also, since getting our Little One last summer I've been eating a little less healthy than I would like.  It's not bad but when I need cheering up, I go straight to a carby/chocolatey source.  All that said, I was super happy that I came in just under 30 minutes (which was my goal.)  Not bad for a 37-year-old who hasn't slept properly in way too long.  

6.  A husband that exercises.  Being healthy and fit is important to me.  We both have a little extra meat on our bones but I feel that if we are eating right and getting exercise, that's just fine!  I love seeing him take care of himself.

7. Being able to go to Kai's reading challenge at school. There were six groups of six and they had to read six books.  There were thirty questions and the team with the most points moved on to the next level at the local public library.  Kai's team didn't win but it was still fun to see him compete in something fun like reading!  

8. Beautiful B.C.  Seriously, I love where we live and I love all the green.

9.  Our Little One.  We are transitioning which means our LO is moving home.  It is so hard for me but I am feeling somewhat at peace because I can see how far LO has come (it's really, really, wild!) I feel hopeful about the situation and  the transition is happening slowly which is so good for all of us.

10. Getting 10 hours of "tidying" done.  This is going to take forever but I've done clothes and books and paperwork (oh man, do you keep all your old journals?!!)  I would have put off organizing our bedroom closet for forever and ever but the book made me do it.  It does feel good once it's done, although, Gary's side of the closet is still in need of tidying. Ahem.

I hope you are having a good week!


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  1. Cherry blossoms!!! SO pretty!
    You did great on the run - and it was awesome having so many familiar faces there :)
    re: transition - how long does it last? Do they just have the child at their biological home for increasing hours until they're there full time? can you even answer that here? :)